Create Efficient Meeting Agendas with Time Slots using Free AI Tool

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Meeting Navigator is a free way to create efficient meeting agendas with time slots using free AI Tool. Meetings are a good way to discuss ideas and brain storm on problem solving. But meeting without an agenda can be waste of time and resources of the company. Typically a meeting requires participants, a place to have the meeting at, etc. this all falls under company resources. Proper utilization of time and resources is necessary while having a meeting. Therefore, having a well defined meeting agenda is something which can help you get the maximum out of the meeting time.

This is where Meeting Navigator comes in to help, it is a AI based tool which will generate a well detailed meeting agenda for you with time slots assigned to each action item. It will ask for some initial input, and after that create an agenda for you automatically.

Let’s see how this tool works:

Use the link given at the end of the article to open this website. You will see the home page as shown in the screenshot below.

On this page, you will see some input fields which the AI tool needs to create an effective meeting agenda. Let’s look closely at these input fields.

In the first input field you need to enter the time duration of the meeting. You can choose from the drop down list for time like 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, etc. Secondly, describe the objective of the meeting in a few words like 1-1s, quick sync, etc. Now just press the get agenda button and let the AI tool take over. Your meeting agenda will be created in no time.

The result page will show you a summary of the meeting agenda. Like in the above screenshot it shows the estimated time of the meeting, meeting cost to the company, action items in the agenda, etc. You have the option to make changes to the agenda as well. Just scroll down and you will see a agenda summary tab along with 3 other tabs. The agenda summary below shows the division of meeting in terms of time and topic.

Navigate to the action plan tab and you will see a more detailed list of the meeting agenda. In this tab each agenda item is assigned a time slot, so that you stay within the time limits of the meeting. For example, a 2 minute time slot is assigned for the introduction of the meeting, which is more than enough time. The main agenda of the meeting has been given the maximum time slot.

In action plan there are four columns, time slot, agenda item, item owner, prep work. In case you want to delete an entire row, just click on the cross button at the end of the line item. It does not allow you to make a lot of changes to the agenda apart from deleting a line item. In case you are not happy with the created agenda, you can generate one again with a different description.


Meeting Navigator is a good AI based tool for creating meeting agendas with time slots. Having time slots in the agenda will help you keep the meeting within the time limits. So you don’t end up having a 15 minute meeting running into an hour. For proper time and resource utilization it is advisable to have a efficient agenda on your hands. Stick to your agenda and time slots to have a productive meeting.

Check out Meeting Navigator website here.

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