Create Blackfriday Video Ads for Shopify Products Free

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In this article, you will read about how you can create Blackfriday Video Ads for Shopify Products for Free using this web application.

If you use social media platforms, you must have seen various kinds of ads in your feed. There are a lot of companies and brands nowadays that are presenting their products via social media ads. You also must have seen various video ads that are seen as “sponsored” in social media feeds.

These videos look really vibrant and catchy. If you are thinking that these videos can only be created by the big brands and people who are experienced in graphic design, then you must check out this free web application that can help you create the video of the vibrant ad in a matter of minutes.

Create Blackfriday Video Ads for Shopify Products Free

Better Video Ads is a free web application that helps you create the Black Friday video ads for free using only the product page of the website. This platform provides an easy way to create videos with their template video designs, that can be used for any kind of products. You simply have to make sure that the website is created on Shopify. Let us see how you can use this web application for those vibrant ads of your next Shopify product.

For this, you first must visit the Better Video Ads website by clicking here. There is no log-in or sign-up requirement on the website and you can get started pretty easily.

Choose the design

On the homepage, you will see the option of “select a design”. Click on the option to move on to the next stage. The next stage will ask you to pick the design that you want to use for your product.

Select the design

Explore various kinds of designs on the website. You can cross-check from the website page and the video template to see which product will suit best which template. After choosing the design, you can move to the next step where the website will require your contact details.

Enter details

In contact details, you only have to type in your name and the email address. And the last field is reserved for the link or URL of the product page you want to have a video ad about. This web address must be on Shopify. Then, You can simply paste the URL of the collection and click on “Get my videos”.


Download Link in Email

The video will be sent to you on your mentioned email address through a link. By clicking on this link, you can simply visit the download link, and from there, you can download your Black Friday Video Ad.

Download result


That’s it, a simple way to get your Balck Friday Video Ad created in a matter of minutes.

In brief

Better Video Ads is a simple and free web application that can help you in creating your Black Friday Video Ads in a jiffy. You just have to choose the design and the product, then the application will create the video for you.

Try this web application here.

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