3D Printing Store Launched By Amazon

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Amazon has just launched their 3D printing store. Available through its own dedicated section on the  e-commerce giant’s web portal, Amazon’s 3D printing store lets you order and customize a variety of products that are 3D printed and then shipped to you (currently only in the United States). There are a variety of products that you can customize and buy from Amazon’s 3D portal, including things like jewelry, toys & games, stuff for home & kitchen, and accessories for electronics. That’s a fairly sizeable catalogue, for a service that has launched barely hours ago, and I’m sure, with time you’d be able to customize and buy a lot more stuff. Amazon has partnered with a couple of 3D printing companies to make its 3D printing online store a reality. Interesting, isn’t it? Then let’s find out more.

amazon 3d store in action

So What’s There In Amazon’s 3D Printing Store?

3D printing is all the rage these days. This revolutionary technology makes it possible to make a customizable three dimensional model of almost any object of any shape. Although the underlying technology involved in it is quite complex, but 3D printing basically involves a process in which successive layers of the manufacturing material are laid down to create a three dimensional model. It’s fully computer controlled, and doesn’t involve using any kind of molds or anything.

Anyways, back to the topic. So you can customize a couple of 3D goodies and order them through Amazon, but what exactly can you find on the the world’s biggest e-tailer’s 3D portal? Here’s a lowdown:

  • Home & Kitchen Accessories: Glass holders, Cookie cutters, kitchen counter sculptures etc.
  • Electronics: Smartphone cases, Camera Tripod Hot shoe adapters, Ear bud cases, and things like that.
  • Jewelry & Accessories: Bracelets, Pendants, Rings, Earrings, and more (Bet the ladies are gonna love this one!).
  • Toys & Games: All kinds of toys, dolls and yeah.. bobble head figures as well (you can even customize them to look like yourself!).

That’s quite a sizeable catalogue for starters. It makes all the sense to believe that Amazon will be adding more product (and product categories) down the line, as the service grows.

How To Customize And Order Your 3D Products From Amazon’s 3D Printing Store?

Note: It’s important to know that the 3D printing store services are only available to Amazon customers in the United States. Although there are chances that the products may start shipping worldwide sometime later, but as of now, you need to be in the U.S., if you want to get your hands on one of these customized 3D products.

Step 1: Log-in to your Amazon account, and find the product that you want to buy after customization. Once there, click the Personalize Now button.

personalize button

Step 2: You’ll be presented with a customization screen, that lets you personalize almost every single aspect of the 3D product. For example, in case of Bobble head figures, you can customize everything from eyes, skin color, mouth, hair, outfits and things like that. Heck, you can even rotate the product to have a 360 degree view. Here’s a screenshot:

3d printing customize

Step 3: Once you’re satisfied, simply click on the Use this design button to add the customized product to your shopping cart. Provide your payment details, enter a shipping address and you’re good to go. That wasn’t really hard now, was it?


Amazon’s 3D printing store is a great service, that lets you purchase truly customized products. It’s simple, easy to use, and fun. Though the fact that the service is restricted to United States (at least, for now) and varied but limited choice of products are a few limitations, but that’s to be expected for a service that’s been launched barely hours ago. But nevertheless, it’s a great service. If you’re in the United States, do head over to Amazon’s 3D printing store. You just might find something for yourself.

Check out Amazon 3D Printing Store Here.

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