How to Get Notification on Slack for New Review on any iPhone App

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This tutorial talks about how to get a notification on Slack for new reviews on any iPhone app. At the end of this tutorial, you will learn how to get Slack notification for all new and updated reviews on your iPhone app in the App Store. Doing so, you will know about the app reviews as Slack notifications and without even going to the App Store. Actually, there is no direct option in Slack which allows you to do the same, however, you can use a free website named, “AppFollow” to get notified about iPhone app reviews on Slack. This website lets you choose the iPhone apps for which you want to get the notifications and then integrates with Slack for sending you app review information.

One of the best features of this website is that apart from your own iPhone apps, you can also monitor app reviews of any other iPhone app. That means you can select apps of your competitors, and whenever someone posts a review on these apps you will receive a Slack notification. In addition to that, this website can also send you Slack notifications for app updates, rank change, and position change in search results.

get slack notifications for iphone app reviews

Do note that works for tracking Android apps as well, and I have explained that in detail here.

How to Get Notification on Slack for New Review on Any iPhone App:

Step 1: To get started, simply browse “” and then register for an account. Once you do that, the dashboard will open up and there will be a button named, “Add New App” on the left of the dashboard. Simply hit the button to add a new app for which you want to track the reviews on Slack.

add an app

Step 2: For adding a new app, you need to click on the “App Store” tab and then type the name of the app in the input field. After the app appears, simply hit the “Add to Collection” button to add the app for Slack integration. To let you integrate AppFollow with Slack, a dialog will popup in which you will see a link called “Setup Slack Integration”. Click on the link to move to the next step for configuring Slack integration.

integration option

Step 3: When you move to the Slack integration step, you will be able to see 4 options named, Ranks History, Reviews Updates, Keywords History, and App Updates. With each option, you will also see an “Add to Slack” button. Now, to get notifications on Slack for new or updated reviews on the selected iPhone app, simply click on the “Add to Slack Button” associated with Reviews Updates. After that, you can choose the number of review stars for which you want to get Slack notifications.

integrate app

As soon as the option “Reviews Updates” is integrated with Slack, you will start receiving notifications for every new and updated review on the assigned iPhone app. Additionally, it also lets you integrate the following options with Slack:

  • App Updates: Get a notification on Slack for new app updates.
  • Keywords History: Get Slack notifications when the search results position is changed.
  • Ranks History: Get notified when the app rank changes in the App Store.

Step 4: Before integrating these options with Slack, you need to authorize “AppFollow” to access your account information. After that, you can select a channel of your choice for getting notifications. Suppose, you want to get notified on Slack for app reviews and have integrated the option “Reviews Updates”, then whenever anyone writes or updates a review for the app in the App Store, AppFollow will send you a notification on the selected channel.

slack notifications

My Final Verdict: is a pretty useful website and helps you easily get notifications on Slack for various app activities on the App Store. This can be very useful if you want to see app reviews, ranks changes, search position changes, and app updates on Slack for your own iPhone app or competitor apps without browsing App Store.

Use “” from here.

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