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Game Your Video is a free iPhone app to add effects to videos on iPhone. This iPhone video effects app lets you record a video from your iPhone’s camera and add effects to it with ease. Adding effects to videos have become easier with this Game Your Video app for iPhone. Video effects in the app include game your video, cut the video to throw out the unwanted part from the video, join any two video and play them together, reverse the video and play it accordingly, and split the screen. Just add a video and embed the desired effect to create a movie which looks great when played.

Game Your Video

This video effects app is a simple and easy to use app. You can record the video and give the effects to the recorded video in real-time or you can select any new video from your video gallery and give effects to the same from Game Your Video app for iPhone. To get the the creation of other Game Your Video members, you can check out the list of videos with effects added by the user. I don’t have much to say about the app in its description. So let us discuss about the main feature of this iPhone video effects app.

Gaming Your Video:

Game Your Video Effects

Gaming Your Video is the main and the most attractive feature of this iPhone video effects app. Gaming Your Video means adding effects to the video of your choice. Accessing the “Game Your Video” features enables your iPhone camera to start the recording. Record the video which you want to use. The video which you record can be saved in the app. You can easily pick the video which you have recorded or you can pick any old recorded video in your camera roll on your iPhone. This all about selecting and picking a video from your camera roll or a newly recorded video.

Now lets us discuss about the video effects which is provided by the app. After selecting the video, tap on “Flavor” button in the center. It gives you multiple flavors which includes Chaplin, Haunted, Movie, Old Look, 8MM, Funny Talks, Comedy, Audience, Action, Psychedelic, and Expressions. Along with all these video effects, the app also allows you to embed any audio from your iPhone’s music library. Now when you are done with adding flavor and audio to the video, you can also select from multiple video look. Video look in the app include Old BW, Spooky, Vintage, Nostalgia, Sepia, Cine, Noir, Blockbuster, Epic, Old school,  and 70S. Very cool!

Huh! after so many video effects, the number of video effects are not over yet. There are more effects which you can embed in the video. You will find more video and audio effects according to the flavor you have selected. As soon as you select a flavor for your video, you will see the list of video and audio effects below in the app. It includes the effects like slow, fast, jitter, echo, mirror, lens, zoom, shake, flashback, and the like.

Cut And Join Videos:

Game Your Video Cut and Join

As I already said in the above description that the app allows you to cut video and join two videos on iPhone. Cutting the video lets you throw away the unwanted  part of the video. Sometimes tit happens that the video which you have recorded has some unwanted part which you want to remove. This video editor lets you edit the video and remove the unwanted part with ease.

Joining the two videos is a great feature of this iPhone video effects app. You can select two videos which you want to play one by one continuously without any stoppage. Joining the two video plays the videos in such a way that it looks as if you have played a single video.

Reversing the video:

Game Your Video Reverse

Reversing the video is another smart feature of this iPhone video effects app. The app allows you to play the video in the reverse direction i.e., from end to the start. The whole video which you have selected start playing from the end and ends up at the start. I really liked this feature of Gaming Your Videos app as it is something a unique part of the app. Really an awesome feature.

Split the screen of videos:

Game Your Video Split Screen

Splitting the screen by playing two videos on a same screen is one of the intelligent feature of this video app. You can now select any two videos from your camera roll or you can record tow new videos and play them together on your iPhone screen with split feature of the app. The app divides your iPhone’s screen in two parts and plays the selected videos together on one screen separately on your iPhone.

Watch the video below to check out one of the video effect which I have embedded in the video using this Game Your Video App:

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Other Features Of This iPhone Video Effects App:

  • Add effects to videos on iPhone.
  • Share the video via YouTube and Facebook.
  • Save the video to camera roll and app library.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Ads free app.
  • View the video size and take actions accordingly.

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Download Game Your Video App:

Download and install Game Your Video app on your iPhone from here. Else, you can get the direct download link of the app by scanning the QR Code below.

Game Your Video QR Code

Hats off to Game Your Video that truly provides awesome video effects to embed in videos. I like the video effects and reverse feature of this iPhone video effects app. Also, I love the fact that you can save the videos to camera roll and then share the same with your friends and family with ease.

If you find any issue, then do lets us know in comments below.

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Works With: iOS 5.0 or later
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