3 Online Hip Roof Framing Calculator Free Websites

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Here is a list of 3 free online hip roof framing calculator websites. A hip roof (or hipped roof) contains all sides slope downloads to the walls. It can be a pyramid hip roof where roof base is a square and roof sides are identical or other type of hip roof where base is a rectangle and facing sides are identical. Hip roof contains a ridge board, hip rafters, jack rafters, and common rafters. And these sites help you calculate roof area, roof rise, hip rafter length, ridge board length, common rafter length, etc. Thus, you can get a good idea what should be the parameters to properly design a hip roof frame.

Most of these hip roof framing calculators also let you save the output calculation for later use. One website on this list also comes with the feature to show the graph for hip roof frame.

Let’s check these free hip roof framing calculators one by one.

Hip Roof Framing Calculator

Hip Roof Framing Calculator

Hip Roof Framing Calculator (by Blocklayer.com) is one of the best options on this list. You can add a lot of details and based on that, the output is generated. One unique feature of this website is it also generates graph for the hip roof frame. In that graph, you can check roof length and width, commons, rafter spacing, overall roof rise, ridge, etc.

You can enter input details like:

  • Wall length.
  • Rafter spacing.
  • Hip thickness.
  • Rafter thickness.
  • Roof segments.
  • Roof angle.
  • Ridge depth.
  • Overhang (level).
  • Rafter spacing (Equal or exact spaces).
  • Rafter depth.
  • Creeper detail, etc.

Enter details and use Calculate button to get the results. Apart from generating the graph, it shows the details about what you need. For example, it will show that you need 1 Ridge with specified size, common rafters, creepers, and more. You can also save your calculation online which is another useful option. So, pretty good features are provided by this hip roof framing calculator.


myrooff.com hip roof calculator

Myrooff.com comes with a simple but useful hip roof calculator tool. You just need to enter the details like roof length, roof angle (in degrees), roof width, metric type (feet, metric, or inches), and end metric (inches, metric, or feet). Once the details are entered, you will get the result.

You will see the required ridge board length, roof area, hip rafter length, roof rise, common rafter length, based on the input values added by you. That’s all this website does. There are no other or extra options. Just the main options are available.


Planetcalc.com website

Planetcalc.com (Homepage) is also a good option to quickly calculate hip rafter length, ridge board length, roof area, roof angle, common rafter length, and volume. Just provide the details like roof base length, width, and roof rise to get the results. You can also set calculation precision using a slider and then the output is displayed accordingly.

The feature to save the calculation is also there but you need to sign up for free. You can also share your calculation by posting a comment to website page.

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The Conclusion:

Here I end up this list which has some good online hip roof framing calculators. Among these websites, the first website is good. The features to generate graph for output hip roof frame, save the output online, enter a lot of details to get the the good output, etc., make it a better website than others.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 1 Average: 3]

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