5 Online Pulley RPM Calculator Free

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This post covers 5 free online pulley RPM calculators. Here I have added some online tools which you can use to calculate angular speed of a pulley in a pulley system. These websites use the original RPM and pulleys size relation to calculate the RPM of a pulley. Here you just need to enter the input parameters such as details of other pulley and then these will calculate RPM of the target pulley. In one of the websites I have mentioned below, you can even see the diagram of the pulley system based on the input parameters.

Pulleys and chains are very important in the field of mechanical engineering. Recently, I listed some pulley belt calculators in a post and now I will be talking about calculation of their revolutions per minute. This is easy to calculate but in case, you don’t have pen and paper you can instantly use these online tools. You just start by entering the details of the driver pulley or the driven pulley and then get the speed in RPM. Inches in the default unit in some of the websites and in some of them you can change it as well.

5 Online Pulley RPM Calculator Free

5 Online Pulley RPM Calculator Free:


Blocklayer pulley calculator

Blocklayer is one of the best free online pulley RPM calculator you can use right now. Basically, this website is a collection of various engineering and non-engineering related calculators. And as apart of calculator for mechanical engineers there is Pulley RPM calculator. This website even generates the pulley diagram based on your input values. And along with the RPM of the second pulley, you can use it to calculate other things as well such as length of the belt. There is animated simulation of pulley as well and you can use that too.

There is no registration or sign up is required, however the site asks you to disable ad blocker. After accessing the calculator, just input the values either for bigger or smaller pulley and then simply hit the “Calculate” button. It will instantly calculate RPM of other pulley for you. You can see the diagram it generates based on your scenario. Also, you can see other things in the final calculations as well such as belt length, ratio, belt speed, and belt length.

Omni Calculator

Omni calculator

Just like Blocklayer above, Omni Calculator is also a collection of various calculators that you use. It has calculators for different engineering, Chemistry, Biology, finance, like fields. In the Physics section, there is a very nice calculator dedicated to pulley system. You can use that to carry out a lot of pulley related calculations. And of course, you can use it to calculate angular speed of pulley by entering some parameters. The best part is that, it can help you calculate the speed and size of the pulley in any unit.

Just reach homepage of Omni calculator and find pulley system calculations in Physics section. Or, you can use the above link to reach the calculator’s interface directly. Enter the details of the pulleys and then you can simply see it calculating RPM for you automatically. While you are entering input values, you can choose a desired unit to calculate final answer. Not just pulley RPM but you can use it to calculate transmitting power and belt details too.


GrootFontien pulley calculator

GrootFontien is another free and simple online tool you can use to calculate pulley RPM. Even though, the website doesn’t seem to be related to mechanical engineering but there is a tool called “PULLEY SIZE AND RPM” which you can use. Here it lets you quickly calculate pulley RPM. You just enter the details of the pulleys and then you can leave the RPM field blank to let it calculate for you. Not just the RPM but you can use it to calculate the size of the pulley as well.

Just reach the homepage of the tool using the above link and then enter the details of the pulley. You just leave one field empty corresponding to the RPM. You can leave the RPM fields of any pulley empty and hit the ‘Calculate’ button. It will immediately calculate the pulley RPM for you and will show you the result with red color. In the similar way, you can use it to calculate size of the pulley as well.

2nd Pulley RPM

2nd Pulley Calculator Home

2nd Pulley RPM is yet another free pulley RPM calculator you can use. The calculator is very simple and work in the same way as other websites in this list. You just enter details of the first pulley along with the size of second pulley and get the answer. Apart from using the actual calculator, you can understand the theoretical aspects of the calculation as well with the help of proper diagram and the actual formula used.

Just access this calculator using URL above and enter the details for the first pulley. Next, enter the size of the second pulley and then it will immediately calculate the result for you. The best part is that you can change unit of any parameters and get the results accordingly. If you don’t want to get the final answer in terms of RPM then you can get it in Radians and Degrees.

RPM Pulley Calculator 2.0

RPM Pulley Calculator 2.0

RPM Pulley Calculator 2.0 is the last free tool in this list that you can use to calculate RPM of a pulley. Here this is not only an online tool but there is a desktop as well. There is a desktop version of the calculator as well that you can use on your Windows PC. It asks for size and RPM of the other pulley and speed of the target pulley and then give you the final calculated value of the RPM of the second pulley. Simple as that.

You can either use the online version of this pulley calculator or you can download the software. The advantage of using the software is that you can use that offline without internet. After reaching the main page of the tool, you just enter the details of the pulley there and get the results. You can even specify an estimated RPM as well to adjust the parameters of the first pulley.

Final thoughts

These are the best free online RPM calculators you can use now. Pick anyone from the list and easily calculate speed either of the two pulleys in terms of revolutions per minutes. You just need to enter the parameters of the pulley whose parameters you know. Personally I liked RPM Pulley Calculator 2.0 and the pulley RPM calculator by Blocklayer. But you are free to give a try to other calculators in the list as well.

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