5 Free Clipboard Viewer Software for Windows

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Here are 5 free clipboard viewer software for Windows. All of these software help you view the text content and image copied from webpage and stored to clipboard. So, before pasting the clipboard item, you are able to see the item stored in it. Some of these software also help you see the list of all items you copied to clipboard (from first item to last copied item). Later, you can delete those items from the list or save the list for later use. Thus, such software also work as clipboard managers.

Apart from viewing the clipboard item, these software have some other fantastic features. For example, you can preview video, audio, webpage, clear clipboard to release memory, edit the clipboard content, search for a particular clipboard item, and more.

Let’s check these free clipboard viewer software present on this list.


SaveMe- interface

Save.me is my most favorite clipboard viewer software on this list. Its built-in clipboard viewer is so powerful that you can view almost any item stored in the clipboard. For example, it can help you preview video, image copied from PC, view a document (say DOCX, DOC, etc.), view webpage associated with the URL copied to clipboard, etc. While other free clipboard viewers are helpful to view only copied text and image copied from a webpage, this software lets you view almost any type of file. For image or document copied from PC, other software show only path of that particular item, but this software helps to view the content behind that path within its interface.

Apart from viewing the clipboard items, it also lets you edit a particular item by opening it with the default application associated for that particular file type. Moreover, you can enable protection for any clip so that it won’t be deleted from the list. You can also mark any clip as favorite and export the list of all saved clips to PC as Excel file. The Search option is also present to filter the list and find a particular clip easily.

On its interface, you need to access “Default” option available under Views menu in the left sidebar to view all the items copied to clipboard. For each clipboard item, you can see its caption (file name if the item was a file and not text content), and date and time when that particular clip was copied to clipboard. All these awesome features make it a very good clipboard viewer software.

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ClipClip- interface

ClipClip is a powerful free clipboard viewer software. Apart from viewing clipboard items, it has two great features which make it one of the best clipboard viewers. It lets you edit a clipboard item (if possible) and then save that item to PC. So, you can do editing in text content, URL, etc., stored in the clipboard. You can also create multiple folders and then move any of the clipboard items to those folders. This way, you are able to manage clipboard items.

One unique feature that catches my attention is you can translate the clipboard text to English, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, and other supported languages. The translated text replaces the original text and remains there as clipboard entry.

Its interface shows latest clips, all clips, and clips stored on the folders created by you. The best part is you can also search for a particular clipboard item using its built-in Search feature. Another useful feature is you can use a clip with or without formatting.

Other than these features, it lets you clear all clipboard items from its interface, delete all clipboard items, check latest clipboard entries by date and time, etc. This is definitely a very good option to view and manage clipboard items.

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ClipMe- interface

ClipMe is a good competitor to rest of the free clipboard managers covered here. The interesting features of this software is it can store maximum 1000 clipboard entries and shows the total size of all clipboard items. This is an advantage of this software over other similar software.

Apart from that, it lets you view the text content and webpage image copied by you to the clipboard. You can also edit such items easily. The feature to edit a URL and save the edited URL on its interface is also available. Like many other software, it can’t help you view image or document copied from PC (shows only path of such items) but other features are very useful. Therefore, it is a good option to try.

Here is its full review.



ClipX has features similar to “ClipMe” software. This free clipboard viewer can store more than 1000 clipboard entries, preview text content, and webpage image stored to clipboard. In addition to that, you can also use it to edit clipboard text and URL and save the output.

Apart from storing and viewing clipboard items, you can also save clipboard history and load it later anytime. The features to clear bitmap entries and entire clipboard history are also present, which make it more useful.

You can also select a particular item from the entire clipboard history and then particular item will be added to clipboard to paste where you want. Overall, the software is worth trying because of its handy features.

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Free Clipboard Viewer

Free Clipboard Viewer- interface

Free Clipboard Viewer (Homepage) is a very simple software but quite useful to preview the item copied to clipboard. You can download its installer or portable version. Whether you copy some image from a webpage, text from a file, capture screenshot using some software, it will show the copied item on its interface. This software doesn’t help you view image/document that you copy from PC but useful for viewing other items you copy to the clipboard. It shows only the last copied item on its interface. It doesn’t store the clipboard history.

It is also helpful to delete clipboard data, which is handy when some large file is copied by you and it is occupying memory unnecessarily. Apart from that, you can also view HTML format of clipboard item, hex values of that item, etc. The option to save clipboard item as *.cl7 (which is native format of this software) is also present. Later, you can load that clipboard item on its interface to view it.

The Conclusion:

If you are looking for some software that can help you view text content and webpage image that you copy to clipboard, then all these software are simply awesome. If you want a software that can help you view almost any type of clipboard content before pasting, then I will recommend you “Save.me” software. Its feature to view documents, webpages, video copied to clipboard, and more make it the best free clipboard viewer software on this list.

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