5 Free Android Apps to Check Reaction Time

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In this article, I will tell you about 5 free Android apps to check reaction time. All of these apps provide you with various simple mini games to help you test your reaction time. Some of the apps even offer multiple games so that you don’t get bored of playing same games again and again. These apps not only tell you the reaction time, but also compare it with the rest of the users to tell you how fast you are. There are also achievements to unlock.

So let’s check out each of the apps one by one.

1. Fastest:


Fastest: Test Reaction Time is the first and best Android app to check reaction time. The game has 3 mini games to test your reaction time: Tap when phone vibrates, tap when screen turns Yellow, and tap when the spider shown at top of the screen falls. You have to tap as fast as you can in each of the games and your total reaction time is the sum of the individual reaction times for the three games. Do remember that if you will tap before the occurrence of any of the event, then game gets over and you have to start again.

There are various achievements to unlock and you can also compare your reaction time with players from around the World via the Google Play Games leaderboard.

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2. World Best Reaction:

World Best Reaction

World Best Reaction is the app which is somewhat like the above mentioned app, but a little more difficult, entertaining, and addictive. In the game, there are 4 mini games: Tap when the thumb moves in the specified direction, tap when the specified animal appears on the screen, tap when the background color turns to the specified color, and tap when the phone vibrates. You have to tap as fast as you can and if you end up tapping before the event occurs, then game will be over.

The sum of your individual reaction times will be summed up and the resultant value will be your overall reaction time. You can also connect the game to your Google Play Games account to compare your reaction time with others.

3. Reaction Time:

Reaction Time

Reaction Time is the third Android app in the list and it is quite addictive one. In the game, you will see different shapes appearing on the screen with a 5 seconds timer. You have to tap them as fast as you can and as many as you can. When the time gets over, the app shows your fastest reaction time, average reaction time, number of shapes tapped, and Gold earned. You can use the earned Gold to buy upgrades. There are three types of upgrades: Change the timer, change the size of the shapes, and change the value of the Gold.

The only drawback of the app is that it crashes quite frequently which I am hoping that developer will fix as soon as possible.

4. Human Benchmark:

Human Benchmark

Human Benchmark is the simplest Android app to test your reaction time. The app shows you the Blue colored screen on launching it. You have to tap on the screen to start the game. It will turn the screen color to Red and you have to wait until the screen turns Green. When the color changes, you have to tap on the screen as fast as you can. After the tap, the app will show you the time taken by you. You can play the game as many times as you want. Each time, the app will show you the current reaction time in the center and the average reaction at the top.

5. Wait Now:

Wait Now

Wait Now is yet another simple Android app for checking the reaction time. In the app, you will see the Red color on the screen and you’ve to wait until it turn Green. Tap the screen as fast as you can. The app keeps a record of your high scores locally and you can check them anytime by tapping on High Scores option.

These are the 5 free Android app to check reaction time. Check these apps out and find out who’s the fastest in your friend circle.

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