Free Android Game to Test Reaction Time: Fastest

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Fastest is a free Android game to test reaction time. The game includes three different tests to test your reaction time for each of the tests. At the end of all three tests, the game displays your total reaction time. Each test involves clicking on the screen only once, once a specific condition has been met. For exampl,e one of the tests involves clicking on the screen as soon as the screen turns Yellow.

For each reaction time, the game gives you a title of some animal. You can even compare your reaction time with other app users using Google Play Games service and check how fast you are when compared to others. There are also various achievements for you to unlock.

Reaction Time Result

Gameplay of This Android Game to Test Reaction Time:

When you will launch this Android game Fastest for the first time, it will ask you to connect your Google Play Games. It is done to maintain your profile and thus to keep your score on the global leaderboard. On connecting the account, you will see the app’s home screen.

Fastest Android Welcome Screen

You have to tap on the screen to start the game (the tests to test your reaction time). On tapping the screen, the game will show you first test. There are a total of three tests. All the tests run in quick succession.

These three tests are:

  • Tap on the screen when your device vibrates.
    Vibration test
  • Tap on the screen when your device’s screen turns Yellow.
    Color Change test
  • Tap on the screen when a spider falls from the top to bottom on your device’s screen.
    Spider Test

There is no fixed order of these tests and they appear in any random order whenever you play this game.

There are only two things to keep in mind while playing this Android game to test reaction time:

  • Tap as fast as you can to get best possible reaction time.
  • Never tap before the execution of activity for each test. For example in vibration test, don’t tap before the device’s vibrates. Otherwise, the game ends, and you have to start all over again.

If you tap before the execution of activity, you will lose the game instantly, and you will have to take all tests from beginning.

If you successfully complete the test, then this game displays reaction time for that particular test instantly, while the overall reaction time is displayed after all 3 tests are completed.

Reaction Time Result

In this way, you can take these 3 tests to test your reaction time. If you want to check you rank among all other app users, then tap on Badge icon on app’s home screen or directly launch Google Play Game from your Android smartphone.

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Final Verdict:

Fastest is a good Android game to test your reaction time. All the 3 tests are good and randomness in their order of appearance makes them good tests to have. Do try this game to check your reaction time.

Get Fastest here.

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