5 Best Free Bucket List Websites

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Here is a list of 5 best free bucket list websites.

There are various websites which let you create a bucket list with the goals which you would like to achieve once in your life. That means you can use them to gather all your life goals together and add them to your bucket list, and also track their achievement progress. So, to ease up things for you I have dug up 5 of the best bucket list websites which I will briefly explain in this post.

Apart from letting you create a bucket list, these websites also allow you to explore tons of goal ideas (from users who had already accomplished the similar goals) and add them to the bucket list. You can also use these websites to find other users who have a common interest and discuss the goals for achieving them collaboratively.

free bucket list websites

On the other hand, if you’re more into smartphones then you can go ahead and check out these 5 Free iPhone Apps to Create Bucket List and 5 Free Bucket List Android Apps.


BucketList.net is probably one of the best websites to make a bucket list with life goals. To add a goal to your bucket list, all you need to do is give the goal a title, describe the goal, choose a picture (by entering Wikipedia link or image URL), set the privacy, choose a genre, set a due date, and add tags. The supported genres are General, Travel, X-treme, Entertainment, Sports, Love, Tastes & Treats, Friends & Family, Life Long, Self-Improvement, and Good Deed. In addition to that, it also offers bucket list ideas which you can explore and get inspiration for choosing your life goals.

bucketlist dot net

You can also invite your friends to the bucket list and follow their life goals to find any common interest. If you find some of your friends or other users with common interests, then you can create tribes (groups) for discussing goals and achieve them together. One of the unique features of this website is that you can also seek and get assistance from BucketList community or friends for achieving your life goals. This works by requesting anything to others and then offering something in return and they call it “Swap” on the website.


BucketListly is another amazing website for creating a bucket list by listing life goals which you would like to achieve. You can add a life goal by entering a title, select a category, set the privacy (either as public or private), and set an email reminder for the goal. Currently, you’ll be able to choose the following goal categories: Travel, Wealth, Health, Career, Relationship, and Self Growth. This website also lets you unlock and track your goal achievements by adding map locations where you’ve visited, inserting goal related photos, and describing your experience. After unlocking achievements, you can also broadcast them with the world via Facebook and Twitter.


Apart from that, you can also discover trending life goals shared by people all over the world and add them to your bucket list. If you find a goal on your bucket list difficult to achieve, then you can start a discussion on the goal topic and get advice by people who’ve already achieved the same goal. This can also help you find other users who share the same interest and collaboratively achieve the goal. If you would like to know more about this websites, then read the full review here.


BucketList.org lets you make a bucket list by bringing all your life goals together and track their achievements with ease. Similar to BucketList.net, this one also lets you add goals to the bucket list in a simple way by entering details like goal name, due date, description, set privacy, a goal category, and also insert photos. But, the goal categories are not limited and it automatically searches for categories and predefined goals based on the keywords entered by you. The best part of this website is that it lets you explore more than 5 million goal ideas and pick the favorite ones for your bucket list. You can explore the ideas according to the major goal categories like Travel, Hiking, Sports, Entertainment, etc.

bucketlist dot org

Additionally, it lets you find people who share same interests and discuss the goals to know how they have accomplished the goals. You will also get recommendations for following other users who also have the similar goals added on their bucket list. This can help you approach them and find a way to accomplish the goals together. It even allows you to go through the world map and check out the drop pins for experiences shared by other people.


My-Bucketlist lets you create and manage all your life goals or dreams by adding them to a bucket list. While adding goals, you can define what you would like to do, the purpose of the goal, privacy, category, deadline, and measurable outcome. If offers more than 40 goal categories including 7 Ancient World Wonders, 7 Modern World Wonders, 7 Natural World Wonders, Adventures, Career, Dancing, Spirituality, Travel, and so on. It also lets you discover dozens of ideas posted by experts and get inspired by them for setting up new life goals.


To track your goals accomplishment, you can mark goals as completed, upload photos, and videos captured related to the goals. You can also invite your friends to share your achievements or find accompany on a common goal, and create groups for adding goals to the bucket list collaboratively. Unlike other bucket list websites, this one comes with a unique feature using which you can create events and invite others to join and attend the event. It helps you simply turn any of your goals in the bucket list into an event such that people with the common interest can attend and ultimately achieve the goal together.

My Life List:

My Life List can also be used to easily list goals on your bucket list that you want to accomplish in future. Similar to other websites, you can add a new goal by typing a title, adding photos, tags, and choosing a category. But, it also lets you add additional information like what the things you would need to accomplish this goal and what are the major barriers of this goal. The categories which you can use for your goals are Travel & Leisure, Relationships, Personal Development & Community, Career & Finance, Lifestyle & Fitness, Sports, and Adventure.

my life list

Another useful feature of this website is that it comes with a section called “My Life List 90“, which exhibits 90 mostly used and significant life experiences and can be easily added to your bucket list. You can also create a public profile to share your life goal stories and experience with others. It also allows you to search for goals and stories submitted by people across the world. One more thing that I found pretty fun and interesting about this website is the “21 Days Challenge”, in which you can participate and win real cash (if lucky) for achieving your goals. For this, you need to simply follow the game rules mentioned on the website.

My Final Verdict:

All the websites mentioned in this post can help you easily create a bucket list with the most important things you would like to accomplish in your life. Personally, I found BucketList.net very impressive as the user interface is pretty amazing and also lets you create tribes for discussing and achieving goals together

Go through all these websites and let me know which one you find interesting in the comments below.

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