Web App to Create and Manage your Bucketlist: BucketListly

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BucketListly is a free Bucket List website. This website lets you create and manage Bucket List. It also helps you to find new goals that you can add in your bucket list. With BucketListly, you can also mark the goals you have completed and share them on Facebook and the BucketListly community.

BucketListly is really easy to use and it opens up your mind to explore the world around. This online Bucket List maker looks quite attractive and there are a lot of things you can browse, mostly related to travel.

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BucketListly can be used anywhere if you have a browser. But if you want a portable app to do the same on your smartphone, then check out bucket list apps for Android and the same for iOS on ilovefreesoftware.com.

How to use BucketListly to Make a Bucket List

bucketlist add

After you log onto BucketListly for the first time, you’ll be provided a list of goals. Click on Add to add the goal in your bucket list. If the goal has already been completed, mark it Done.

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As you mark it done, you’ll be prompted to share that milestone. Pictures can be uploaded and you can share your story in the description. Date and place where you achieved that goal can also be marked. This achievement can be shared on Facebook as well as Twitter. Click on Unlock Achievement to finally unlock it. When you do, a badge will be added on your profile.


You can check out your badges on the top right dashboard menu. You can also see notifications coming in from other users when they hit Like on your achievement or when they drop in a comment.

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When you’re done, click on Home at the top right where different tabs showcasing goals of users in the BucketListly community. Achievements that users in BucketListly community have achieved are beautifully organized in different tabs. Click on a user’s goal to read about their experiences. You can also see the number of people who have that goal in their bucket list and the number of people who have achieved it.

bucketlist ideas

More bucket list ideas can be found in the Bucket List Ideas tab on the top right. You can also use hashtags to look for certain goals to add in you bucket list from the search bar. If you can’t find a goal you are looking for, click on Add Your Own Goal on the same page.

Final Words

BucketListly is a really attractive and useful app for people who are passionate about their life. It will help you a lot to realize how much you are missing in life and will motivate you to do something exhilarating in life. This web app deserves 5 stars.

Check out BucketListly here.

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