Learn a Language by Listening to Songs: Sounter

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In this article, you will read about how to learn a language by Listening to Songs with the help of an Android application.

We all love listening to songs every now and then, majorly to change our moods or set the vibe of our surroundings. These days, we are open to songs and music from different languages easily. We might not understand the lyrics but most of the time the music seems to set the mood and that’s what really matters.

However, if there is a song that you wish you’d know the meaning of but cannot because of the language understanding barrier. Then, you can simply use this android application which can help you learn a new language, so that next time to listen to a song from the same language, you wouldn’t need to take out the dictionary to decipher the meaning of the song.

Learn a Language by Listening to Songs: Sounter

Sounter is a simple android application that can help you learn a new language while listening to music. This application is available for both OS, Android, and iOS. You can use it on different devices as well including PC, iPad, iPhone, and android devices. Let us see how you can use this application to learn the new language.

For this, I will show you how to use this application in an android device. You can simply start by downloading the application by clicking here. Then, you can start with or without signing up for the application. Moreover, for signing up, you can use your Facebook or Google Account.

Download Sounter

If you are going ahead without signing up, you can simply click on the “Get started” option on the screen when you launch the application.

Get started

Then you will be asked to choose the language that you want to learn. Tap on the language that you want to learn and then you can simply navigate forward with choosing your song for learning.

Pick a language

Here, I clicked on “Spanish” and then there were a lot of songs options presented to me. Click on the song and then the application would ask you if you want to learn at a beginner or advanced level.

Pick a level

You can also choose if you want to learn, listen, or translate the song you are listening to and the level of understanding such as beginner, or advanced level.

Learn the language by song

When you click on the song, the song will be played on the youtube integration in the application, and the lyrics will be shown on the screen. Here, while listening to songs, you can see which word is used where and there will be intervals where you have to guess the word that was used in the song.

This is pretty much the beginner’s exercise, however, you can learn this at any level you want. Moreover, you can choose from languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, English, German, Polish, and Turkish.

In brief

Sounter is a fun application where you can learn a language using a song that you most like. You can also translate the song using this application.

Try this application here.

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