Amazing Android App That Automates Common Phone Operations: Agent

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Agent for Android is a free app for Android which automates common tasks and also allows you to save battery. This single app automates tasks from 5 categories, which include: sleep, drive, meeting, parking, and battery. Agent for Android automatically reads SMS aloud, responds while you are driving, remembers where you have parked, saves the battery, silences phone calls when you are in meetings, and allows only urgent messages and calls while you are sleeping. It is an elegant, simple automation app that works perfectly. Best part is that there is no complex setup process; it’s really simple to use.

Agent For Android 5-In-1 App For Saving Battery And Automating Common Tasks

Using Agent for Android:

You can get Agent for Android from the link or QR code at the end of the article. When the app is launched for the first time, you will have the welcome screen as seen below. Tap on the ‘let’s get started!’ button and then the app will enable all the agents on your device. After that, you will have the main interface of the app in front of you. By tapping on the each category, you can change the setting and options related to it.


Battery Agent:

Battery agent activates when your phone’s battery gets below a set level. This helps with the conservation of energy as it dims the screen, turns the Bluetooth, wi-fi, auto sync, and mobile data off. Once your battery is charged above the set point, all settings will be reverted back. When you open up the battery agent you will have the interface as seen here. Slide to the next tab ‘configure’ to manage all the settings from here. A genuinely interesting thing that this app does is that it explains how each agent works. Tapping on the ‘how it works’ button will give you the information as seen here. In the following agents I will open the how it works option by default.

Battery Agent

Sleep Agent:

The sleep agent automatically silences your phone at a set time. This app allows you to set sleep time for different days of the week. The app auto responds to texts and callers while you are sleeping and only allows calls or messages from contacts which have selected to wake you up. Also you can configure the app to automatically toggle connectivity when you are sleeping.

Sleep Agent

In the below example of sleep agent running, it silenced my phone and also turned off the mobile data (as I selected the disabling of the mobile data in the configure section).

sleep agent running

Parking Agent:

This one can be very helpful for some of us, including me. Parking agent automatically remembers where you parked, based on the Bluetooth connection or speed. It has the ability to remember up to five parking spots. The parking map records and shows your location. Configure tab allows you to use Bluetooth connection of your car or motion detection for parking detection.

Parking Agent

Meeting Agent:

Meeting agent uses the calendar to automatically put your phone on vibrate or silence when you are in a meeting. Agent for Android uses your Gmail accounts to get calendar data; you can use multiple accounts if you like. These settings can be accessed in the configure tab as seen here.

Meeting Agent

Drive Agent:

Drive agent uses vehicles Bluetooth and motion sensing from the phone for detecting that you are driving, once it knows you are driving the app will read the SMS it gets aloud and also respond with text and voice automatically and let people know you are driving.

Drive Agent

Settings in Agent for Android:

Pressing on the menu button gives you the access to other app options as seen here. From here you can tap on the settings options and you will have the setting in front of you which will allow you to configure Agent’s behavior and options according to your need.

Settings in Agent for Android


Agent for Android is a great automation app for Android as it is very easy to learn and use. Also this single app covers most common tasks which we would like to automate. If you are not particularly tech savvy, then this app is great for automation of daily tasks.

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Get Agent for Android from here or scan the QR code below.

Get Agent for Android from here

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Works With: Android 4.0 and up
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