Automatically Turn Android Screen On And Off With Gravity Screen App

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Gravity Screen for Android is a free app for Android devices which automatically turns off your screen when you place your device onto the table or put your device inside your pocket. It works the other way around as well; the display will get activated automatically when you take your phone out of the pocket or pick it from the table.

With Gravity Screen for Android, there is almost no need of touching the power button. This free app for Android reduces the trivial everyday annoyances of pressing the power button; it is especially helpful for people whose devices have the power button situated at awkward places, or if power button is entrapped under screen cover.

Automatically Turn Screen On And Off With Gravity Screen for Android

Features of Gravity Screen for Android:

  • Detects motions and turns on the display
  • Turn off and on the display by proximity
  • Recognizes if your phone is in or outside your pocket and responds accordingly
  • Detects if the phone is on the table and turns off
  • Keeps the screen on while the device in motion

Starting with Gravity Screen for Android:

Gravity Screen for Android tries to automate the process of turning on or off the screen depending on the inputs from different sensors. It detects or estimates the placement of the device and acts accordingly.

You can get this app from the from the link or QR code at the end of this review. After installation, upon launch Gravity Screen will ask you for the administrative access, as seen here. Tap on the activate button to give the app the rights. Now Gravity Screen will be running on your device.

Starting with Gravity Screen for Android

Different sensors in Gravity Screen for Android:

Gravity Screen for Android basically does two things – turns on the display and turns off the display depending upon the input of the sensors. So I will discuss each of these ways of turning off and on the display in this post. You can enable or disable each of these individually.

Pocket Sensor and Table Sensor:

Gravity Screen automatically recognizes if the phone is in your pocket. After the phone goes below a set angle, the device gets ready to be tuned off. This is the first option in the app and you can customize the angle according to your needs. Also it allows turning off the display in any angle.

In table sensor, the app detects if the phone is lying on the table faced down and then it switches it off. Gravity Screen for Android allows you to set the angle threshold as seen here. In this section you also get the ability to switch off the screen when the device is placed on the table while facing upwards.

Pocket Sensor and Table Sensor

Proximity sensor:

Here the Gravity Screen for Android monitors the proximity sensor for activity. Turns off and on the display by taking into account the proximity sensor. This gives the app the ability to wake phone with a swipe over the sensor and more. Proximity is used in conjunction with other sensors for best results.

Proximity sensor

Motion Sensor:

When motion is detected, the screen in turned on, and is kept ON when in motion. When this is enabled all you have to do is pick up a device and it will be turned on automatically and kept on until in placed somewhere. Here you get the option to individually control turn on screen by motion and keep screen on by motion. You can also adjust the sensitivity and timeout.

Motion Sensor

More options:

Other feature, such as behavior during call, vibration, notifications, priority, headphone support, and more can be managed from here.

More options in gravity screen


Gravity Screen for Android is a nice app which automates the task of turning the screen on or off. This is a cleaver app which does things quite nicely but you might have to customize the sensitivity or other settings in such a manner that the app works according to your likes. Automate the process of turning on and off the screen with Gravity Screen.

Also check out Smart Screen Off lite which lets you switch Android screen off.

Get Gravity Screen for Android from here or scan the QR code.

Get Gravity  for Android from here


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Works With: Android 2.2 and up
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