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Angry Birds Toons, is a free Windows 8 Angry Birds app, that brings all the Angry Birds videos to your Windows 8 devices. It shows the fun and sneaky worlds and stories of the birds and their ages old rivals piggies. This app is completely based on one of the most popular game in the history: Angry Birds. Everyone has played this game, but very few know about the story of the Game, and how everything started. How the birds and piggies got into an age long fight. This Windows 8 Angry Birds game app tells you the adventure stories of Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Toons

Watching Angry Birds videos using this Windows 8 Angry Birds app:

This app is a third party client app of Angry Birds for Windows 8. And just simply lets you watch Angry Birds videos and some videos from the developers team of the game. However, you can’t play the game using this Windows 8 app. It’s simply a Windows 8 entertainment app that makes you laugh and enjoy Angry Birds and Piggies videos, and their stories. The videos are basically the toons version of birds and their nemesis piggies. The app consists of more than 500 video clips of Angry Birds. Most of the clips are short around 2-3 minutes long. There are videos of the toons versions of birds and piggies, walk through of the game, videos from the game developer team; telling how they ended up with the concept and how they created the game. These videos are not just from one season, and covers Angry Birds Rio, Halloween, Seasons etc.

Angry Birds Toons - main page

Simply click on a video to start playing it. The app itself searches the video from the cloud and plays it in full screen. The apps shows the videos in a group of 25 videos at a time. To go to the next 25 videos, right click on the screen and you’ll get a flyout at the bottom of screen containing: Previous Page, Next Page buttons simply click on the requisite to do desired. The app is also integrated with Windows 8 Share Charm. But the only use of the Share charm is to share about the app but not the content. This needs to be modified so that you can share the videos as well.

Angry Birds Toons - video

Working on the app is pretty easy. There are just two screens: main page and the video playing page. So, there’s no reason that you’ll get confused between screens. And this also makes the app fast, however to most of the part the speed depends on your internet speed. Still works good, without any lags, videos are pretty good and informative.

Key features of this Windows 8 Angry Birds app:

  • Freely available Windows 8 Angry Birds app.
  • Watch Angry Birds videos.
  • More than 500 video clips.
  • Good UI.
  • Fast, simple and easy.

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Final note:

Angry Birds Toons, is a good to have Windows 8 Angry Birds app. Specially good for the Angry Birds maniacs. Also, it’s a good medium for every one to know a little bit more about the game that they play or played. Although it still needs improvements like in Share, and Search charms, still, it’s a good start. Get this Windows 8 Angry Birds app from the Entertainment category from Windows 8 Store or click here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Free/Paid: Free

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