Manage Access To USB Drives: USB Disks Access Manager

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USB Disks Access Manager is a free software to manage access to USB disks in your computer. This simple software lets you control the access permissions to your computer through removable USB disks.

usb disk access manager interface

USB Disks Access Manager has a simple interface which does not include bundle of features or complex setting options. It’s quite simple and handy, and can be easily used by professionals or novice users alike.

Download and Install USB Disks Access Manager:

USB Disks Access Manager is very easy to install. The download size of the file is just 421 KB and takes seconds to get installed in your computer. Once installed, you can set USB Disks Access Manager to control read/write access permissions to your computer, through the removable USB disks.

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Configure USB Disks Access Manager to Manage Access to USB Disks:

USB Disks Access Manager is designed primarily with a motive to let you easily control access to your removable media. It provides three different options to manage access to your computer through USB disks:

  • Read and Write Access: This is the default option provided by USB Disks Access Manager. It allows your computer to read data from USB disks, and copy files back to the disk. You can both, read data from, and write data to the USB disk in this mode.
  • Read Only Access: This option makes the USB disk write protected. In write protected mode, you can not write anything on the USB disk. This helps in preventing data from your computer to be copied on the removable USB disks. You can only “read data” from the USB disk when Read Only mode is selected. In order to allow copying files to the USB disks, you need to choose the “Allow Read and Write” option in USB Disks Access Manager.

usb disk access manager write protected

  • Disable USB Disk Detection: This option restricts your computer to detect any USB disk connected to your computer. This is helpful when you do not want to transfer data from your computer to another computer, or do not want any file to be copied from a Flash drive to your computer. In this mode, your computer will not detect any removable media connected to it, and prevent arbitrary file transfer from your system or to your system.

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The Final Verdict:

USB Disks Access Manager is a handy application which lets you manage the access permissions of your USB disks in simple ways. You can set USB Disks Access Manager to control read/write, read only, or disable USB disk permissions. Moreover, it helps in preventing virus-infected USB disks from affecting your computer.

Download USB Disks Access Manager free.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
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