Software To Allow and Block Access To Kernel Mode Drivers

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Driver Radar Pro (by NoVirusThanks) is a free software to allow or block access to kernel mode drivers for any program. Basically, many system components and whitelisted programs access kernel mode drivers to function properly and uninterruptedly. However, there could be many third-party programs that can request access to these drivers. If some suspicious program or malware get access, then it can result in many threats like changes in Registry, security threat, etc. To help you prevent from such kind of situation, this Driver Radar Pro software can come in handy.

This software contains a whitelist which includes all the drivers (SYS files and their hashes) present in System 32 folder. This program continuously monitors if a program is trying to load any kernel mode driver or not. If it finds some suspicious or unknown program, it will simply block the access. However, if you trust the program, then you can also add it to the whitelist or run this software in “Learning Mode”. In this mode, the software won’t block a program, but shows you which driver execution is allowed. Then you need to manually block or remove that access. However, if you are sure enough, you can run this program in Lockdown mode.

Driver Radar Pro- interface

Above you can see its main interface where it shows access allowed to a particular program. Its interface can also be password protected by you using Settings. So, no one can change the permissions untill the correct password is added.

Note: You should carefully remove a driver from the whitelist because it could result in Blue screen error or some other problem. When I removed SYS file related to mouse and then plugged in the mouse, it crashed my PC and it happened every time until I added the same file again. So, you must be sure what you are going to do.

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How To Allow or Block Access To Kernel Mode Drivers using this Software?

Grab the setup of this software, install, and launch it. By default, the software runs with Lockdown Mode which automatically allows or blocks access to kernel mode drivers for a program based on its whitelist. You can switch to Trust mode, Learning mode, or disable the protection as per your need. For this, right-click its system tray and access Protection modes.

protection modes

Now you can select any mode. Based on the selected mode, the software will monitor programs and allow or block access to drivers.

driver execution allowed

All the allowed executions are visible on the interface of this software. You can double-click its tray icon to open its main interface. You will be able to see Driver name, date/time for execution, Publisher, etc. You can also right-click on any item on the list to access Properties, open folder that contains the selected driver, add driver hash to whitelist, etc.

driver information

In case you want to manage the whitelist that contains the drivers, you can simply access Manage option available under WhiteList menu. A separate window will open. Now you can see the list of drivers and their hashes. You can also remove any driver from the list, add files manually, and import and export the list.

whitelist window

Be very careful before removing any driver from the list. When you have done everything, you can close its interface and let it run in the system tray.

The Verdict:

Driver Radar Pro is available for a very important purpose. You can control access to kernel mode drivers easily using this software. Also, the software has an easy to understand interface which is good for all types of users.

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