Rename Fonts With Their Original Name Using Free Font Rename

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Free Font Renamer is a free software for Windows that helps to rename fonts with their full original name using a single click. That means, font file MLON_I.ttf will be replaced by its original name ‘Milion Italic.ttf’. Likewise any font misspelled will be corrected automatically and its real name will come to that file. It is a very useful software and helps to rename fonts without manual effort.

Moreover, if you have a folder containing plenty of font files including sub folders, then it will search the whole folder including its sub folder and will rename fonts (if short form used or misspelled) with their original name.

This software is free to use for everyone and available for Windows.

Free Font Renamer 01 rename fonts

Interface of Free Font Renamer is good and you will find the navigation pane on its interface that will provide you a tree view. With this, you can select folder containing font files. After that you need to select options whether you want to include sub-folders for renaming fonts or not. You can also include/exclude spaces by clicking its check box. Other than this, you can also change the extension of fonts (see below screenshot) by selecting any desired option for that. For example, if you want the extension of fonts in Upper case, then you can select the Upper case option from the drop down menu.

Free Font Renamer 02 rename fonts

Once you have adjusted the settings, then you can hit the Rename button for renaming the fonts name to their true name. If there is any character present which this software cannot replace, then it will leave that character or it will replace it with a space.

Note: Free Font Renamer doesn’t work with Windows fonts (it can’t replace them).

See Some Key Features of Free Font Renamer:

  • Automatically detects fonts original names.
  • Replace misspelled or short form fonts name with true name.
  • Searches sub folders of parent folder also.
  • Helps to change extension of fonts (if needed).
  • Very lightweight & free software for everyone.

Get Free Font Renamer & Rename Fonts:

Use this given link to get Free Font Renamer. After accessing this link, you will be able to download this software. This is a lightweight software and its size is less than 1 mb. Once after downloading it, you can install it and can open it from desktop shortcut to use it.

Free Font Renamer is a needed software if you have a good collection of fonts and want to rename them with their original name. If you want, you can try it for free for Windows.

Also try Font Frenzy, NexusFont, and Font Viewer free font managers.

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