How to Sort Firefox Tabs in Active Window or in All Windows

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This tutorial explains how to sort Firefox tabs in active window or in all opened windows.

Tabsurd Tab Sort is a free add-on to automatically sort Firefox tabs in active window or in all windows. This add-on comes in handy when you have opened a bunch of tabs in a single or multiple windows of Firefox. You can sort all tabs in alphabetical order by tab title or by using the URLs of web pages opened in different tabs.

It immediately sorts all tabs and just two clicks are needed for this. It is a simple but quite helpful add-on when you are working with multiple tabs. Instead of finding a particular tab present in between the other tabs, you can just arrange them in alphabetical order to get the idea that where a particular tab is available.

sort Firefox tabs

In the screenshot above, you can see the comparison of unsorted and sorted tabs.

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How to Sort Firefox Tabs in Active Window or in All Windows?

Click on the link placed at the end of this review. It will move you to the homepage of this add-on. From its homepage, you can click on Add to Firefox button, and install this extension. No restart is required to successfully install this add-on.

After installation, you will find its extension icon next to the address bar. See the screenshot below. Click that icon and a popup will open. In that pop up, you will find two main buttons.

select an option to sort tabs

Using its Sort tabs by URL button, you will be able to immediately sort all tabs by URLs of web pages opened in the active window. And clicking on the Sort tabs by Tab- Title button, you can sort all tabs in alphabetical order using the titles visible on opened tabs of the active window.

When you want to apply sorting for all opened windows of Firefox, then you can enable Apply action on Every Window option. After this, you just need to tap on a particular button to sort tabs in all opened windows. That’s it!

apply sorting on all opened windows


Tabsurd Tab Sort is a good Firefox add-on to quickly and automatically sort tabs. When there are a lot of tabs opened by you in a particular browsing session, this add-on can be used to sort tabs and find them easily.

Get Tabsurd Tab Sort Firefox add-on free.

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