Code Outline Generator for GitHub to Help Code Review

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GitHub Code Outline is a browser extension you can use on GitHub to automatically generate an outline of a code file. Basically what it does is analyze the current code file and creates an outline of the code based on the functions and classes in it. It makes it easy to see and understand the code. It can help you with analyzing large code files on GitHub for code reviewing and browsing. For now, this extension supports Java, JavaScript, and Typescript. Other programming languages such as Python are planned for the next update.

GitHub Code Outline is a simple extension that you can use to work with GitHub files. There are extensions for GitHub to make code browsing easy but this one is quite different. The interface is simple and after it lists all the functions and classes in the code file, you can jump on them with just a single click. The popup window that it uses to show code outline is draggable and you can place that anywhere on the screen.

code outline

Using this Code Outline Generator for GitHub to Help Code Review:

This GitHub Code Outline extension works with Firefox as well as Google Chrome. Here you can get it based on the browser you use for your work. Get it for Firefox from here and for Chrome from here.

After installing this, you can simply open any code file in a GitHub repository and activate the extension. The popup will show immediately and you can see it list all the functions and class in the outline. It also includes the function return type so a reviewer can see what type of functions are in the code.code outline github in action

You can see the outline window in the above screenshot and analyze how this extension works. However, right now the code outline doesn’t automatically change as you browse other code files in the repository. But I hope with more programming languages, it will also be fixed in the coming updates.

Closing words:

If you want to generate code outline for any code file on GitHub then the extension I have mentioned here is great. It can quickly get you an overview of the functions and classes used. You can quickly jump to any function or class in the code which is good for code reviewer as he won’t have to scroll a lot if the code file is very long.

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