Add Code Tree, File Search to GitHub to Browse Repositories Faster

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Octotree is a browse extension that lets you use GitHub as an IDE. Basically, it adds a code tree on the right side that you can use to browse a GitHub repository faster. It lets you quickly find any file from the tree and instantly opens that in the editor. Not only this, but it even adds file search option to search a file in the repository quickly but for that you will have to create a free account there. In the free plan of this extension, there are limited features but code tree and file search are included. You just install the extension in your favorite browser and then you are good to go.

In GitHub, a code tree for browsing a repository is not included. As a results, you have to either use GitHub desktop apps or you have to open a file by going back to the root again and again. But with the code tree extension, you will not have to do that. You can see the whole repository tree there and then you can simply open the file that you want. It is simple as that. You can do whatever you want with that file afterwards.

How to Add Code Tree, File Search to GitHub to Browse Repositories?

You can install this simple extension from here. Next, you can simply open GitHub and then you will see a code tree is added on the left side. You can see the screenshot below. In the tree, you can browse the whole repository as you browse file sin the File Explorer. Just navigate to any file and then simply open it up. It will directly lead you to the editor where you can just edit the file and then make edits or do whatever you want.

Code Tree Added to GitHub

Next thing you can do is enable more feature of the free tier. The code tree is added even without creating an account. If you only require the code tree and then you are better off. But if you want to add file search as well then just create a free account. After that, it will add a search icon there that you can use to find files.

Octotree File Search

In this way, you can use this simple extension to supercharge GitHub and add these really amazing features. Just install the simple browse extension and that would be all. It works with Chromium based browsers along with Firefox and Safari. For this post, I used in Microsoft Edge Chromium and it worked perfectly.

Closing thoughts

If you want to add a code tree on GitHub for faster navigation then you just install the Octotree extension I have mentioned here. After that, you can simply experience new way to handle GitHub repositories. If you use your browser to edit files and push changes then you will really like that. Apart from just code tree and file search there are other features in it that you will like.

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