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TrulyMail is free email client which also enables free private message service along with mail service. The email client is one of the best among the league. It encrypts your data while transmitting it to recipients’ address. Thus it ensures that your email contents are safe and secure when sent through TrulyMail.  This ensures you do not need to use a separate email encryption software. The application contains all the important features that you may want from your email client.


TrulyEmail comes with rich text area which enables spell check and grammar check. The spelling check is done in nine languages. You can draft your mail without any spelling and grammar check and create mistake free text for your email. You can write mail in plain and HTML text or tag your messages with notes. Rich text can be created with TrulyMail, so that if you want to send an informal mail than you can use various colors and font style to richer your text.

This email application attaches strong key encryption for your message body and all attachments for security purpose. Encrypted mail is only transited to your recipient’s address so that no sniffers or outside person will be able to read content of your mail or attachments except by the person authorized by you. You can attach documents to your mail unlimitedl; this means there is no limit on attaching files and docs by this email client. You can easily set up TrulyMail for Hotmail, Gmail Accounts and WindowsLive. It does not works with free Yahoo mail; for that you can use Zimbra Desktop.

Some of the general features offered by TrulyMail:

  • Advanced Search engine, to search mails from your folders and inbox using keywords
  • Automatic trash removal (removes mails from trash in every 10 days)
  • If you want to specify that sender’s name should not be displayed, than this application will help you
  • Automatic embedded script removal
  • Keep virus and trackers away from your PC
  • Ability to remove remote images while leaving others
  • Schedule message sending
  • Filter messages to your defined folders
  • Supports voice mail messages via TrulyMail
  • You can zoom on the messages for better readability

TrulyMail comes with advanced address book feature which allows you to handle numerous contacts and email ids. You can filter contacts and group them for easy management. By grouping your contacts you will able to search them faster and easily. The search engine in the address book will look for your keywords in contact’s name, email id and tags edited by you.

Tags added by you in the address book will help you to identify among contacts which have something common in their name or id. You can also block contacts from which you do not wish to receive mails. You can also check out other free email clients, like, Thunderbird, Spicebird, and Outlook alternatives.

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