QT Web Browser – Portable Free Web browser for Private Browsing

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QTWeb is a free web browser which is based on Apple’s webkit rendering engine and Nokia QT framework. This is an open source web browser which has a very simple interface which is easy to use and comes with a lot of privacy options. This freeware, QTWeb is ideal for a pocket USB drive as it has tiny footprints which makes it unique. A similar private browsing software is Browzar.

This free web browser, QTWeb has 4.8 Megabytes of footprint which is lighter than Google chrome also which has over 7 megabytes footprint. Another feature that makes it unique is that it has great privacy features that if you use it on any other PC or Laptop your data will be 100% secure. This web browser, QTWeb leaves no traces of browsing history on any local machine when a browser has been reset or during browsing i.e. no information is stored in user profile files or in the registry files. This web browser is so handy that you just need one USB drive by which you can install it whenever required. Secure Browser from Firefox is another option in this regard.


There are a lot of other options like switching between a tabbed browser interface and the other which is not tabbed. You can also customize the user interface. This browser is so powerful that you get 100% secure browsing as it is SSL secured. All the disturbing elements like pop ups, advertisements are blocked by this freeware, QTWeb during browsing. It has a built in torrent client which allows you to download files from torrent and the size of the executable file is only 6MB which can easily be stored in  USB drive and can be used anywhere. QTWeb supports ftp downloading and its browsing has an autofill option also.

So just try this small yet powerful web browser, QTWeb and see the difference.

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Works With: Windows
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