Stykz: Free Stick Figure Animator to Create Stick Figure Animations

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Stkyz is a free stick figure animation software for creating stick figure animations. Creating, Editing, Previewing and Distributing the stick figure animations just gets easier with Skytz. Skytz is the first multi-platform freeware in the world for creating stick figure animations.

Stykz is similar to the Pivot stickfigure animator except that Stykz has several additional features  like exporting animation to different formats and manipulating them on-stage.  An important feature of Stykz freeware is that the user can create commonly used stick figures and save them to the library from where they can be used again and again simply by drag and drop.

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Using Stykz stick figure animator, one can:

  • Create and edit frame-based animations where multiple figures can be put in a single frame.
  • Create static and hidden segments in a frame.
  • Manipulate figures and segments on-stage, without a separate edit window.
  • Adding colors to the animation.
  • Export the animation to various formats like animated gif, quicktime format, or a series of images (gif, png, jpg).
  • Have multiple animations open simultaneously so that segments/figures can be copied /pasted from one to another.
  • Store commonly used figures and Reuse them from the library.

The notable Features and advantages of Stykz stick figure animator are:

  • No additional platform/Engine downloads required. Stykz,developed using Revolution(cross-platform tool), does not require additional platforms  to run.
  • Simplistic interface design for easy usage.
  • A frame based animator where changes can be made to the frames individually.
  • An interactive tutorial is available to create animations.
  • Editing can be done directly on stage. Stykx editing does not require a separate editing window.
  • Hints window is displayed during the animation creation/editing for assistance.
  • Add comments, share animations, include usage instructions etc.,using stykz.
  • Auto save option and option of having multiple backups  are available.

Stykz, the comprehensive animation software, promises more features like adding sounds, transitions and merging figures in the future versions.

System Requirements for using Stykz:

Minimum: 1GHZ processor and a minimum of 1GB of RAM with Operating Systems like Windows 2000/XP SP4 and Mac OS 10.4.2 (Cheetah),Linux distributions.

Recommended: 2+ GHZ processor and a minimum of 2GB of RAM with higher versions of OS like Windows Vista/7 and Mac OS 10.5 (leopard)or higher,Linux Distributions.

The Linux distributions are in internal beta currently, and will be available publicly soon.

Stykz is completely free to use and distribution and does not require any license to do so. Stykz freeware is capable of being run on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac Os and can be downloaded from The animation file gets stored as .Stykz file which can be viewed on different platforms.

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Works With: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Free/Paid: Free

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