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Here are 3 Best Free Word to Excel Converter Online websites which lets you convert Word documents into Excel files online. You can convert DOC to XLS, DOCX to XLS, DOC to XLSX, and DOCX to XLSX easily by using these online converter websites.

These websites let you upload the Word file, and after doing the conversion, these gives you download link to download the converted Excel file. This conversion process does not require any additional software; your web browser is enough to complete the conversion process. You can also try PDF to Word Converter software if you are looking for converting PDF back to Word.

Word to Excel Main

Convert Word to Excel Online with

This website lets you convert your Word document to Excel file fast and easily. This is the best website that I found for this job. It fully preserves the formatting of text and tables, and retains images as well in converted Excel file.

The whole process is very simple, just go to the link and click Select DOC File button in Step 1. You can select Word file in DOC or DOCX format only. Now in Step 2, choose the output Excel format (XLS or XLSX). In Step 3, click Convert to XLS button to start the online conversion process.

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You can then download the converted excel file by clicking the Download Excel File button or clicking the download link in the dialog box shown.

The output Excel file contains all the Text with similar formatting, Tables, and Images as was in the input Word file. Here is how different objects in the Word document are converted in final Excel:

  • Text: This Word to Excel converter is able to maintain text formatting. Headings are preserved. Each paragraph of text is saved in a separate cell of Excel.
  • Table: This website is really good at converting tables in Word to Excel. Each cell of the table gets a separate cell in Excel. I tested it with a basic table, and no change was required in the final Excel.
  • Images: This online Doc to XLS converter is able to convert images also from Word file to XLS file. No image was lost, and each image gets its separate cell.

You can check the below screenshot to get a better idea.

As you can visually see, there is negligible change in the output Excel file.

By using website, you can convert Word to Excel online. Just select the input Word file from various sources, like: Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and/or from file URL. To select a file from PC, click Choose From Computer icon. Now select the file by browsing and click Open. Now from “to” format drop down click XLS or XLSX from the DOCUMENT sub menu and click Convert button. Your converted file will be available to download after finishing conversion process.

You can use this website for bulk conversion of multiple documents also.

How to Bulk Convert Doc to Excel Online:

Step 1: To do the bulk conversion, you can add multiple files at once at the time of browsing for files or click ADD MORE FILES button and select multiple Word files by browsing.

Step 2: When done, click the Convert button to start the bulk conversion process. You can convert only 2 files simultaneously in free account at the same time.

Step 3: When finished, you can download all the bulk converted files in a single zip file by clicking DOWNLOAD ALL IN .ZIP button.

The website supports other various output formats for Word files, like: PDF, ODT, RTF, TXT, HTML, CSV and many more.


Even though this converter is able to successfully convert Word to Excel online, but it does loses some formatting during conversion. Most importantly, tables are not preserved as tables in excel, and all the table data gets copied in one cell only.

Let’s see how different objects in the Word document are converted in final Excel:

  • Text: This Word (DOC or DOCX) to Excel (XLS or XLSX) converter can maintain the original text, but without formatting. Also every paragraph text is saved in a separate cell in Excel file.
  • Table: This is my biggest disappointment with this converter. It loses the tables, and just copies all the table data in a single cell, virtually rendering it useless.
  • Images: This converter does a pretty bad job with images as well, as the images are not present in the converted file, and it loses all the images.


So, only reason to use this converter would have been to bulk convert those Word files to Excel that have only text; but because the free version limits bulk conversion also to just 2 files, so I am not sure if it is of much use. is another website in the list which lets you convert files from one format to another including Word to Excel online. The output Excel file can be downloaded in just simple 3 steps. Just go to the link and click Select files… button in Step 1. You can choose input Word file from Local Computer, Google Drive, or from Dropbox. I only tried Local Computer to check the conversion process. In Step 2, choose Excel from Convert to list. Finally in Step 3, click Download Converted File button to download the converted file in XLSX format.


When I downloaded the output Excel file, there were various changes as compared to original Word file.

Let’s see how different objects in the Word document are converted in final Excel (XLSX file):

  • Text: This Word to Excel (XLSX) file converter website lets you maintain the original text, but it changes the text formatting, for e.g. if you have applied Heading 1 to the text in Word file, the output will become only bold in Excel file. Also each paragraph text is saved in a separate cell in Excel file.
  • Table: Even though it is able to convert tables, but the tables are not fully maintained. The data of each cell of original cell was present in separate cell in Excel as well, but there were many additional columns between the data.
  • Images: The images were also not present in the output XLSX file. There were blank cells in place of images in the output Excel file.


Final Words:

Although all of the above stated websites are pretty good to convert Word to Excel, but if any one who wants to keep the formatting almost to input file should try, while in case if you want only text, then rest of the these are also good.

You can also check Best Online Doc to PDF Converter.

So, which one of these do you like the most? Let me know in comments below.

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