Picdeck: Free Website To Monitor Multiple Instagram Feeds In Real-Time

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Picdeck is a free website to monitor multiple Instagram feeds in real-time. It’s a simple web based service that lets you stay updated with the latest from the Instagram users that you follow from a convenient interface. You can add as many Instagram users as you follow to your Picdeck feed, by simply mentioning their usernames. In addition, you can also add (and hence, monitor) currently trending topics via their hashtags. Picdeck also lets you monitor your own Instagram feed. The feed from each added user appears in a vertically scrollable column, with multiple columns being stacked up side by side. No matter how many Instagram accounts you add to Picdeck, they are all refreshed in real-time, appearing in their individual columns. Sounds interesting? Let’s find out more.

picdeck in action

How To Use This Free Website To Monitor Multiple Instagram Feeds In Real-Time?

Before we even get started with Picdeck, I think that it’s quite obvious that you need to have an Instagram account in order to use the service. That’s because the customized feed layout is synced to your Instagram account. Using Picdeck to keep tabs on the users that you follow on Instagram in real-time is really easy. Here’s a little step by step tutorial, illustrating how to get started with Picdeck:

Step 1: Head over to Picdeck, and click the big button front and center that says Sign in to Instagram. Once you’re logged in, you should see a screen like the following:

picdeck mainui

As illustrated by the above screenshot, Picdeck’s user interface keeps things simple. The left most column by default shows your own Instagram feed. The rest of the space to its right is where the real-time updates from the users that you add appear. The top section just consists of two buttons to Add column and Log out of the website.

Step 2: Now, the next step is obviously to add the Instagram users that you want to follow. To do so, simply press the Green Add column button on the top right corner. Once you do that, a pop-up asks you to choose whether you want to add a specific user, or a hashtag.

adding choices

Step 3: On the next screen, specify the username/hashtag that you want to follow, and hit the Add column button.

added by hashtag

That’s pretty much all there’s to it. Once you’ve added a username/hashtag, their account feed would be instantly added as an extra column, complete with real-time scrolling updates as they happen. You can follow the same procedure as above to add other users/hashtags as well. If you want to remove a user’s feed, simply use the X icon on the right corner of a column to delete it. Check out the screenshot below:

feed view picdeck

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Picdeck is quite a useful free website to monitor multiple Instagram feeds in real-time. It’s a simple, no fuss way of keeping up with the latest updates from the users you follow on Instagram, as they happen. Although it’s limited in functionality (you can’t interact with updates, share them further etc.), but otherwise, it works quite well. Do give it a try, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Try Picdeck Here.

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