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ViscomSoft provides an online application to create animated GIF and add beautiful animated GIF effects on your photos. It comprises of 26 GIF effects and facilitates you to select these effects which can be applied to any JPEG image so as to obtain a GIF file as an output file. It enables you to customize width and height and allows you to select an appropriate frame rate.

ViscomSoft Online GIF Effect application is simple and very easy to use. It provides you a variety of 26 GIF effects that you can apply on your photos. A number of GIF effects are available on the window itself so you don’t need to scroll down and search for the options. It enables you to add beautiful animated GIF effects to your photos.

How To Create Animated GIF Effects On Your Photos Using Online GIF Effect?

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ViscomSoft Online GIF Effect application requires Microsoft Silverlight on your PC. You will have to download and install this on your computer so as to proceed with animated GIF Effects. Once installed, you are all set to create your animated GIF effects on your photos.

It involves simple steps to create an animated GIF effect photo. Let’s have a look:

viscom online GIF effect ilfs

  • Select any GIF effect among 26 GIF effects that you want to apply on an image or JPEG file.
  • Now select the JPEG image file on which you want to apply the GIF effect.
  • Let the dimension of the image be 256×192 by default or customize the same according to your wish.
  • You can now further set the frame rate of the GIF effect or let it be set to normal as default.
  • Finally save your output GIF file to any desired folder or you can even opt to publish your animated photo to the site.

You can view the beautiful animated GIF image using the Internet Explorer browser or with the help of GIF Viewer. You can also check out free online app to add animated GIF frames on photos

Key Features of ViscomSoft Online GIF Effect:

  • Easy and simple to use
  • It requires Microsoft Silverlight on your PC to use this creative application
  • It comprises of 26 GIF effects
  • Can easily change any JPEG file to animated GIF file
  • Output file obtained is of GIF file format
  • Dimensions of the image can be customized
  • Allows you to publish the GIF file directly to the site
  • Allows you to save the animated photo to your desired folder

My Final Verdict For ViscomSoft Online GIF Effect:


ViscomSoft Online GIF Effect is very creative and easy to use. You just have to follow simple steps so as to obtain the animated GIF effect photo. You can use the variety of effects and use them on your photo, to give a different and beautiful look to your photo. It is handy and you can grab this beautiful app from here.

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