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Scriggle is a free online note taking service to create private and public notes. It is a very simple service but to create private notes is something you won’t find in many other notepad websites.

It lets you create walls (public or private), known as Scriggles, and under each individual wall you can insert notes. Apart from this, you can also upload images. You can also view or search for public walls of other users and like them if you want. Otherwise, keep focus to create your public or private notes.

One thing that I personally liked is that it automatically shows time (in hours, days, etc.) for a note or image uploaded by you in a particular wall. You will also be able to rescriggle (add changes) a note, delete it, or move it to another wall. So it has some features that might catch your attention to use this website to create and store notes.

create public or private wall to add notes

Above you can see some notes and an image uploaded by me to a private wall created using this website.

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Create Private and Public Notes with This Free Online Note Taking Service:

You first have to access the homepage of this note taking service and request for the invitation. Submit your email address and you will quickly receive the invitation to create your account and use this service.

Now you need to create your very first wall (or scriggle).

create your first scribble

You can give a custom name for the URL of your wall and make it private or public. Finally, you can insert multiple notes as well as images to your wall.

insert notes and images to your wall

Anyone who has the URL of your wall (public wall only) can access the content stored in your wall without any account. He/she won’t be able to modify the content, but if he/she has an account, then that particular user can rescriggle and enter the content of your wall to his/her own wall.


Scriggle doesn’t provide features like change font, font size, or other modern features, but it has done a good job in what it should suppose to do for users. The good thing is that people have started using this website to add notes. You might also want to try to store your code snippets or other important notes.

Try Scriggle for free.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 2.3]
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