5 Free Online Notepad Websites to Take Notes

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Here is a list of 5 free online notepad websites to take notes. All these websites are free to use and let you take, save and share notes online. Most of these websites don’t even require you to sign-up for an account. Instead of an account, they provide you with a unique URL which you can share with anyone. Using that URL, you can edit the note from any browser on any system.

Apart from basic and common note making feature, these online notepad websites vary in the amount and type of additional features that they provide. So let’s get started with them.

1. Rapidtables Notepad:

Rapidtables Notepad

The first online notepad website for you is Rapidtables Notepad. It lets you create a new note and also upload an existing one from your system. It supports basic functions like cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, select all, etc. It also has zoom-in and zoom-out feature which lets you increase/decrease the size of font. When you created the note, you can choose to print it and save it to your PC as a file of .txt format.

2. Shrib:


The second online notepad website for you is Shrib. This website comes with auto-save feature which means that you only have to write the note content without worrying about the save thing. As you will type, the website also shows whether the content is saved or not. There is also a button labeled as More option which provides you with some additional features. Under these options, you can choose from read-only mode, view type, set password to lock notes, text area and get a unique link to share the notes with others.

3. A Notepad:

A Notepad

A Notepad is the online notepad website which comes with some unique features. All the notes created by using this website are set to Private by default (for registered users). You can choose to make any note public anytime. It has a basic note editor by default with fields only for adding title and content. Although you can switch to Rich Editor anytime. Under Rich Editor, you will find options to adjust font size, bold, italic, bullets, etc.

4. Yanobs:


Yanobs is the fourth online notepad in the list. It is one of the simplest online notepad with no advanced features. It just provides you with simple text box to add title and content of the notepad. You can then choose to save the note, delete the note, and print the note.

5. Notepad.cc:


Notepad.cc is the last website in the list. It is also a simple one with text field only for adding the note content with no additional features.  The website gives you a unique URL for sharing it with others. You can also choose to change URL, add password, and direct option to share the note.

These are the 5 online notepad websites for you to try out and make notes online. Do give them a try.

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