JobScore: Online Applicant Tracking System

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JobScore is awesome free applicant tracking system that you can use to track applicants. This is a free online ATS, and comes with advanced features like automatic resume scanning, and posting to multiple job boards.

The most interesting feature of JobScore is resume sharing feature. This lets you share resumes between employers. This process occurs after you have denied a candidate the job, or if you have ignored the resume for five days. In return, you also get resume from other employers that you can evaluate for your own hiring. This greatly expands the pool of candidates from which you can fill your vacancies.

You have the ability to block sharing certain resumes by marking them. If you mark a resume active then you will not have to share it. This lends a bit of flexibility with your resume sharing. When there are multiple recruiters sharing resumes over the JobScore program then it is good for all involved and more people stand to get hired.


Features of JobScore free Applicant Tracking System:

Professional Application Process: You can use Jobscore to add a great professionally done careers page to your site. You can stay organized throughout the recruiting process and really keep hiring running smoothly. You will also be able to present professional reports to your superiors. The applicant tracking and resume sharing combination is impressive to say the least.

Referrals: You can send the jobs you are recruiting for to several job sites at once. You can also use some great social networking features to bring in more referrals for your business. When one of the top resumes are not exactly what your fellow recruiters need then they can pass them along and they may be perfect for the job you need to fill.

Point System: When you share resumes you gain points to spend in the jobscore world. Each time you contact someone to work through Jobshare you spend points. Each resume that you are able to share helps you gain more points to contact more referrals. The system works well for all the applicants involved and the people who are recruiting them.

Control of Resumes: You control which resumes you do not want to share. This added security helps you to feel more comfortable when you are uploading the resumes to the program. If you have a candidate that you really do not want to give up until you have had a fair chance at them, then you can rest assured that they will remain safe until you release them.

Some other applicant tracking systems we reviewed earlier include iKrut, SmartRecruiters, and Zoho Recruit.

Check out JobScore.

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