How To Find Common Spotify Songs of You and Your Friends?

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This tutorial covers how to find common Spotify songs of you and your friends. You can select any of the public playlists of you and your friend(s) and then see Spotify tracks which are common in you and your friends’ playlists. For example, if one track is in the playlist of three friends (including you), then you can see 3 letters in front of the name of that particular track. Those 3 letters indicate 3 users (you and your friends). You can also hover mouse cursor over a letter to see the username of that particular user.

To find common Spotify songs of you and your friends, I have covered a free service here, known as “Intersect.Ninja“. Once you’ve connected your Spotify account with this service, you can select your public playlists and then add profile link of other users. Finally, you can select their public playlists and then check common Spotify songs of you and your friends for any public playlist.

common spotify songs found

The recording added above clearly shows the list of all tracks of selected public playlist of me and my colleagues and our common Spotify tracks.

How To Find Common Spotify Songs of You and Your Friends?

Step 1: Open the homepage of this service. After that, login with your Spotify account and allow this service to access your account. This is needed so that it can fetch your public playlists. As per the website, no information related to your Spotify account is stored by it.

connect to spotify

When you’ve done that, you can click on your Spotify username visible in that page to see the list of all your public playlists. You can also uncheck any playlist.

click on user and select unselect playlists

Step 2: Now in the given field, add profile link of a Spotify user, and press Enter key. This will show the list of public playlists of that Spotify user. Again, you can uncheck any playlist you want.

select user and playlists

Step 3: Scroll down the page and you will see the list of total artists, number of tracks for each artist, and number of users. Click on an artist name of your choice.

select an artist

Step 4: Now you can see the list of available tracks (based on the playlists selected by you) and number of users for that artist. For each track, it will show number of users by showing the first letter of their usernames. This simply means that particular track is common between you and your friends.

number of users for each track

That’s it! You can check other tracks and find common Spotify songs of you and your friends.

You can also remove duplicate Spotify tracks and most added Spotify tracks to your Spotify playlists.

The Conclusion:

The service is pretty helpful to find common Spotify songs of you and your friends. Only public playlists can be used to find common tracks but that’s good. Just connect your Spotify account with it and profile link of other user to select public playlists and you are all set to find common Spotify songs.

Try this service.

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