Find Most Added Spotify Tracks to Your Spotify Playlists

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Top Spot is a free online service to find most added Spotify tracks to your Spotify playlists. That simply means all those songs that you’ve added to all your Spotify playlists the most are shown by this service. For each such Spotify track, you can also see how many times that particular Spotify track was added to your playlists.

Apart from this main feature, you can also add all those tracks to a new playlist. I like this feature a lot. In this way, you are also able to create a new playlist with all such Spotify tracks.

list of most added Spotify tracks to Spotify playlists

In the screenshot above, you can see the list of Spotify tracks that were added most by me to Spotify playlists. For each track, a thumbnail, number of times that track was added to playlist, artist name, and track name is visible. You can’t play any track but create a playlist for all such tracks and play those tracks later.

And in the screenshot below, you can see the playlist that covers all those tracks that I added the most to my Spotify playlists.

playlist created for all Spotify tracks that added most to spotify playlists

How To Find Most Added Spotify Tracks to Your Spotify Playlists Using This Free Top Spot Service?

This Top Spot service is extremely simple. Open its homepage using the link given at the end of this review. After that, login to your Spotify account and then give permission to this service to connect to your Spotify account.

login with your Spotify account

After that, the service will start fetching those tracks that you added most to your Spotify playlists. This may take some time if number of tracks and playlists are large in numbers.

Once this process is done, it will show the list of all those Spotify tracks. For each song, you can see how many times that song was added to playlists, artist name, thumbnail, etc.

view list of tracks and create a separate playlist

Now, to add all such tracks to a new Spotify playlist, all you have to do is click on “Create this playlist” button.

This service will do the rest of work and create a playlist. Once it is done, it will provide a link to access that playlist. Use that link or simply access your Spotify account and “Your Music” section. There you will see a new playlist with name “Top Spot”.

Access that list and you will see all those Spotify tracks that were added most to your Spotify playlists.

Did you know you can also export your Spotify playlists from one account to another?

The Conclusion:

All those who are curious to know which Spotify songs they added the most to their Spotify playlists, this fantastic service is very helpful. The best part about this service is you can also create an additional playlist that will have all such tracks. I like the service a lot.

Try this service.

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