4 Free Group Study Websites

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Here’s a list of 4 free group study websites. These websites provide you with various features which make it easier for you to study in groups and have a fun experience. Using these websites, you can easily create and share educational resources with others. Similarly, you can access the resources created by others. These websites also have their dedicated apps for smartphones which mean you can refer to your study materials on the go. These websites are not limited to any particular subject and can be used for any subject of your academics.

Some of them also offer paid plans which entitle you access to advanced and cool features. I’ll talk about them while talking about the corresponding group study website. So, let’s get started.

1. Dweeber:


Dweeber is the first free group study website in the list. This website lets you create virtual groups and invite your friends to them. These groups are an easy way of studying together even you and your friends aren’t at the same place. You can easily discuss things and even have a private chat. Each time you start a group, it is known as a session. For the session, you have to give it a name and choose the subject for which it has been created. The website also lets you check your chat history for Today, Last Week, or Last 2 Weeks. The unique feature of Dweeber is Shared Whiteboard Tool which lets you and your friends discuss ideas and anything in real time like you are working on a real whiteboard.

You can also look for other Dweeber users using the Dweebnation option. You can view their profile, add them as friends, and then include them in your study group or join theirs.

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2. Saylor:


Saylor is the group study website which includes a very vast collection of courses and study materials. You can choose to enroll and drop from any of the courses anytime you want. It is very easy to find out the courses as each of them has a unique course code. There is also an option for creating groups and inviting your friends to join the group. Each group also has a unique code and you can easily see the name of the owner, number of members, etc. You can also make your group public or private. Apart from the group, you can also choose to make your profile as private.

As for the courses, they include various units and a final exam. For each course, you can also refer to the Purpose of Course, Course Information, Learning Outcomes, and Course Requirements.

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3. OpenStudy:


OpenStudy is the website where you can put up questions and get answers from fellow users. Similarly, you can answer the questions asked by others. You can easily choose the subjects and for each subject, OpenStudy shows the total number of members, total number of questions asked, and number of users online at the current time. On joining any subject, you will see the list of questions categorized as Open and Closed Questions. Browse the questions and answer the one whose answer you know. The unique feature of OpenStudy includes that they also have Qualified Helpers which are the verified helpers.

OpenStudy awards you with SmartScores depending on the activities done by you on the website. Your SmartScore is the measure of your reliability to solve the questions correctly and in time.

4. Get Study Room:

My Study Room

Get Study Room is the last website in the list which lets you create courses and then ask/answer questions. You can search for courses easily and if there is not the one you are looking for, then nothing to worry about. You can create them easily with simple options. The website also has an option which entitles you to ask questions directly to verified teachers, but it comes at a cost of few bucks. You can also browse courses on the basis of time of the year like Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring of a particular year.

These are the 4 free group study websites. Check them out and never feel alone whenever you go to study. Just login the website, join your group and start studying like you are with your friends.

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