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Jasper is a free software to read, track, and discover issues on GitHub. This is a dedicated software to manage the issues that you have created so far on GitHub. Also, this software allows you to see the new issues as well. From the main interface, it lets you see the newly created issues, opened issues, and the unread issues. It creates the list of issues according to the different categories and then you can see them. It offers a built-in browser and you can see the issues page right next to the list of issues. And to connect your GitHub account to this software, you just have to add your GitHub access token in it.

Sometimes managing a lot of issues on various GitHub repositories becomes so tedious. But this software here, Jasper¬†gives you a very simple and a powerful interface to manage issues in a whole different way. You don’t have to use your browser to look for past issues that you created on any repository. It will list them all on the main interface. You can either manually look for an issue or use the search to find a particular issue on a GitHub repository.

Jasper free GitHub issues manager

Using this Free Software to Read, Track, and Discover issues on GitHub:

It’s pretty simple to use this software to manage all the issues in which you have participated. You can anytime open the software and keep track of all the issues easily. And I have already mentioned in the beginning that you just need the GitHub token to connect to your account and then simply do whatever you want.

Here are some simple steps to use this software to read, track, and discover issue on GitHub.

Step 1: Go to GitHub setting page from here and create a token for the software. It will ask you to enter your GitHub password, so simply enter it and then copy down the token that it shows.

Github API token

Step 2: Get this software from here. After that, open it up and then simply enter the GitHub token to get started.

Step 3: Now, it will list all the issues from all the repositories that you have touched on GitHub. You can see the open issues, subscriptions, unread issues, and many more. And all this information is available on the man interface of the software.

GitHub issues in Jasper

Step 4: You can even use the search box from the top side to find issues that you created in the past. To see the corresponding page on GitHub, simply click on any issues from the list. It will open the page for you and then you can do whatever you want. By default, it will ask you where you want to open the selected issue page. If you choose the built browser for that, then it will ask you to sign in via your GitHub account.

Issue page in Jasper

These steps above will be enough to make you understand how this tool works. You just have to sign in using your GitHub access token and then start managing the GitHub issues like a pro. Find any new issues on your repository or an old one in a few seconds right from your desktop.

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Closing words

Jasper is a very nice software that you can use to manage the issues in a very unique way. You can have eyes on all the issues on GitHub repositories that you have come across. All you have to do is just sign in and start dealing with the issues like a pro. So, if you want a dedicated desktop tool to manage the GitHub issues then Jasper is a good option.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 3.7]
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