5 Websites To Learn To Tie Knots Online

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Here is a list of 5 websites to learn to tie knots online. You can learn to tie different kinds of knots on these websites for free.

“Better to know a knot and not need it, than to need a knot and not know it”- this saying on one of the websites below accurately puts the need of learning different knots. Various knots like Necktie, tying shoe lace form such an important part of our day-to-day lives. However, leave aside the complicated knots, you would be amazed to know most of us men do not even know how to tie a neck tie. Thus, such websites become imperative to learn this important art of tying knots.

The 5  websites reviewed in this article are Animated Knots, NetKnots, I Will Knot!, The Pirate King, and Tie-a-Tie.

Animated Knots:

Animated Knots

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The first websites to learn to tie knots online is Animated Knots. This is one of the most frequently visited websites with a large number of knots in its database. You get to learn more than 170 different kinds of knots on this website. You can start off by learning some basic knots and then move ahead with more complicated ones. The website allows you to search knots by names; you will be taken to various knots in various sections.

The most important thing about this website is that it provides simple animated slide shows for you to understand the knots. These slide shows explain each and every step in detail. Apart from the slideshow, there are iPhone and Android apps that you can download.


learn to tie knots

Another useful website to learn to tie knots online is NetKnots. This website comprises of all the outdoor knots like fishing knots, boating knots, paddling knots. You can go through these knots one by one and also search for them by name, or usage. The links for these different knots are given on the home page of the website itself.

To teach you how to tie different knots, the website adopts the method of animated illustrations. You can closely go through all the animated slides, pause/play them at your will, to understand the knots completely. The above screenshot will give you a clear idea of how beneficial these animated illustrations are. Try it out from the link above.

I Will Knot!:

I Will Knot!

If you are looking for something simple, easy and useful, I Will Knot! is the right place for you to learn to tie knots. The website does not complicate matters with lots of different knots; you will find only about 12 types of knots to tie here. These are simple knots that can be used in day to day lives.

One of the reason for me to say that these knots are simple is because of the available tutorials. The website has video tutorials and teaches you each and every step of a particular knot. The videos are quite easy to understand. It just doesn’t get easier does it?

The Pirate King:

learn to tie knots

If you are planning to sail or want to learn to tie sailing knots anyways, The Pirate King is the right platform for you. Among all the other things available on this website, you will find a tab that provides lessons on various knots that you can learn to tie. The link above will directly take you to the page where you can learn these knots.

Before you begin to learn the knots, there is a lexicon of the knot technology. Going through this will help you understand the knots better. All the knots are nicely explained in a step by step manner, along with images to understand better.


learn to tie knots

The fifth and final website to learn to tie knots online is Tie-a-Tie. For all my male brethren out there, this is one website that you need to look up to. If you suffer with the disease of not being able to tie your Tie, this website will help you with all its video tutorials and  instructions. The author of the website provides lessons to learn different types of knots and you can learn them all for free. In the case, you do not have access to Internet all the time and want to keep coming back to your lessons, the website allows you to download the lessons as PDF of download the entire video. However, you will have to fulfill certain requirements for that. Try it out from above.

Try out all these above mentioned websites and let us know what you think about them through comments.

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