7 Online Interval Timer Free Websites

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Here are 7 online interval timer free websites. These help you add the number of intervals (breaks or rest) for some task, study, workout (including HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), or any other purposes. You can also set custom time for an interval. After that, when you begin the timer, you can start your work and then take a break/interval when the timer is over. As soon as the first interval is over, you can resume your work and so on. A beep/sound/alarm is also played when a timer and interval start and stop. This will help you notice that you need to continue your work or take an interval.

These websites work a bit similar to Pomodoro timers, which helps to divide a task into intervals to improve productivity. Some of these online interval timers also let you select a sound (as an alert) for interval or work time.

Let’s check these online interval timer free websites one by one.


Online-Stopwatch interface

Online-Stopwatch brings a very useful interval timer. You can create multiple timers with custom time and the list of all those interval timers is visible on its interface. For each interval timer, you can also set an alarm. There are 16 alarms available to choose from. The number of repetitions (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) can also be set by you for an alarm.

Another good feature of this website is you can give a name of your choice to any interval. This will easily help you identify the purpose of a particular interval. Other options like restart intervals again when done, clear an interval time, pause/resume an interval, change interval position, etc., are also available to use.

Tabata Timer

Tabata Timer

Tabata Timer (Homepage) is one of my favorite websites for online interval time. It comes with preset time intervals (maximum 8). If you want, you can use that preset time, or create your own time intervals. Apart from that, it also provides another timer in which 5 interval timers are present and 8 rounds are there in each time interval.

For creating your own time intervals, you can add value in a field known as Rounds (which indicate intervals). Time on and time off values can also be set by you. Based on the number of rounds and time on and time off, total time is calculated and visible automatically. You can also choose sound or alarm to get an alert when a timer or interval is over. 4 alarms or voices are available to choose from. Play with options and then you can use this online interval timer.


Fitatmidlife timer interface

Fitatmidlife.com also brings a timer feature that I like a lot. The list of options present for timer feature makes it a very good interval timer and also a good competitor to other options covered here. You can select:

  • Round length (or work time) using the drop-down menu.
  • Round begin/end sound (6 different sounds are there).
  • The color of a round.
  • Warn at (10 seconds, 18 seconds, 5 seconds, earlier, etc., before the time is over).
  • Font size for round.
  • Count direction (down or up).
  • Low and high-intensity intervals.
  • High and low-intensity sounds.
  • Rest length.
  • Stop after the selected number of rounds, etc.

All options can be set using the drop-down menus available for all these options. Set the options and then use your custom interval timer online. You can also pause/resume the timer and reset it anytime.


Intervaltimer website

Intervaltimer.com brings a HIIT Interval Timer feature which is pretty good. So, it is not helpful to create custom interval timer. Instead, it is focused on HIIT exercise. Its link is here. Here, you can add a custom name for the task or HIIT exercise and add the number of sets which indicates work intervals.

Once the timer details are added, you can add details for high-intensity intervals, warm up intervals, low-intensity intervals, and cooldown interval. Details such as interval name, interval duration, and color can be set by you. When everything is done, press the Create Timer button, and start using your interval timer.


Boxingtimer.org interface

Boxingtimer.org, as the name suggests, helps to set the time interval for boxing. But, it can also be used as a regular interval timer. All you need to do is add the number of rounds, round time, preparation time, round end warning, and rest time.

After that, you can begin the first round. The round can also be paused, resumed, and stop anytime you want. When the first round is over, rest time is started. Then begins the preparation time and so on. Its interface is beautiful and better than other sites.

It is also available as an app for Windows, iOS, and Android.

Online Boxing Timer

Online Boxing Timer

Online Boxing Timer is similar to Boxingtimer.org website. You will be able to set the number of rounds, preparation time, warning time, rest time, and round time. By default, it automatically sets 12 rounds but you can customize it easily. Though it is available for boxing interval, you can use it as a regular online interval timer.

Once you have set everything, you can start the timer. It will start with prepare time, round time, warning time, etc. Everything is very easy.

HiiT Clock

HiiT Clock

HiiT Clock website is available for high-intensity interval training and the website has very good features. You can give a name to timer, add a description, set prepare time, add stopwatch, set rest time, and work time for the timer. The website also lets you set flash alerts, sound alerts, and an alarm for timer which I like a lot.

Once the timer is ready, you can play it.

You can use this website as a guest or log in with your Google or Facebook account. After that, you can add timers and then play any timer as per your requirements.

The Conclusion:

Here I close this list of best free online interval timer websites. For me, the first website is good as it lets you add different alarms for each time interval and give a name to each interval. All other online interval timers are also good but the first one is better for me.

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