5 Free Pomodoro Timer Websites

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Here is the list of 5 free Pomodoro timer websites.

All of these free websites are based on the popular time management method called ‘Pomodoro Technique‘. In this technique, a task is divided into intervals, and after completing an interval you can take a short break. This is helpful to break down a complicated task into steps and complete a step in a particular time interval. So, with proper breaks and multiple steps, your task will be done easily than regular.

These websites provide benefits of this technique, but in a customized way. Where traditional Pomodoro Technique is used with 25 minutes length for a particular time interval, most of these websites let you set custom time intervals and short breaks. An alarm will also ring to remind you end of a particular time period. Let’s start with the first website listed here.


Pomotodo- interface

Pomotodo is one of the best Pomodoro Timer website in this list. It combines GTD (Getting Things Done) method with Pomodoro Technique. Using the Pomodoro Technique, you can start work and break time. And using GTD method, you can enter desired tasks that you want to complete. Select a task from the list and start the Pomodoro.

Apart from this, you can also edit any task and can check the stats. Stats will help to keep an eye on your productivity: number of Pomodoros used by you and daily and monthly growth rate.

To use this website, sign up is needed. This will help to store all your tasks (including completed tasks) and records. You can also download its app available for multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.

Full review is here.


Marinara Timer

Marinara (or Marinara Timer) is another handy Pomodoro Timer website available in this list. It’s unique feature is that it provides three type of timers to complete your task: Pomodoro, Marinara, and Kitchen Timer. However, only one timer at a time can be used. Among these three timers, Marinara Timer is one of the best timers to start your work.

Mariana Timer lets you add multiple time intervals together. For every single time interval, you can set different time in hours:minutes:seconds. Apart from this, you can also create a custom name ‘Shareable URL’ of your timer. Once you have started a timer, you can copy the URL, and use it on your mobile device or share it with anyone. This Shareable URL can also be generated when using Pomodoro and Kitchen Timer.

Rest of the two timers are also helpful to complete your task, but not as good as Marinara Timer. First timer (Pomodoro) is based on traditional Pomodoro Technique which includes 25 minutes length-time interval (or Pomodoro), 5 minutes short breaks, and 15 minutes long break after every 4 intervals. Kitchen Timer is useful to set a custom time for only a single interval.

Pomodoro Timer (by Online Stopwatch.com)

Pomodoro Timer by Online Stopwatch

Pomodoro Timer (by Online Stopwatch.com) is also a good entry in this list. It is very easy to configure and can be used in full-screen mode. Using this Pomodoro Timer feature, you can set your work time and break time in between 1 minute to 5 hours.

Apart from setting the time for work and break, you can also set ‘Rest’ time. This rest time will come once after every 4 works. It’s completely your choice whether you want to make this break time long, medium or short. After configuration, you can start the very first time interval, and get ready to complete your task.

Online Stopwatch.com also provides other timers which includes: bomb countdown, classroom timers, digital clock, egg timer, split lap timer, and more. So, apart from using this website as Pomodoro Timer, you can avail benefit of other features also.


tomatoi.st- interface

tomatoi.st website comes with a simple interface and follows the traditional Pomodoro Technique. That means, you can start a Pomodoro with 25 minutes length and then 5 minutes short break will start after completing the first time-interval.

Interesting feature of this website is that you can generate a shareable URL of your timer, like the feature provided by Marinara website. Apart from this, it also stores ‘TIMER HISTORY‘. This will help you to check the time when you have taken a Pomodoro, Short and Long break.

Apart from this, it also provides features to switch to short break, long break, and start a Pomodoro anytime. You won’t find more features, like option to set alarm or pause the Pomodoro, but it does its main task successfully.

Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer- interface

Tomato Timer is the last website in this list that comes with neat and clean interface. Although it is inspired by tomatoi.st website, but provides multiple features. It supports hotkeys to start/stop the timer, Pomodoro, short break, and long break. Apart from this, it comes with 5 different alarm sounds and desktop notification feature to remind you of the end of a Pomodoro/break. However, desktop notification feature is currently supported in Google Chrome browser only.

You will find three main buttons on the homepage of this website: Pomodoro, Short Break, and Long Break. So interface of this website is self-explanatory and settings are very easy to configure. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to set custom time for break and Pomodoro, but you can expect this feature to be included in future.


I will personally recommend you to try Pomotodo website as it combines GTD and Pomodoro Technique together. Rest of the other websites are also good to fulfill the time management task.

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