2 Free URL Shortener with A/B Split Testing

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This post lists down a couple of free URL shortener services with A/B split testing. With the following URL shortners, you can create a short URLs by specifying multiple destinations URLs with traffic split parameters. Based on the defined traffic split rate, the destination will be changed dynamically. For example, if you create two routes for as short URLs with 60-40% traffic split then 6 out of 10 users will be redirected to route A and 4 will be redirected to route B. In this way, you can create as many short links you want and distribute them over social media or any any other means.

If you want to A/B testing on your product pages via short links then services mentioned here will help you. Here you just have to create short links as you create them usually, its just you have to specify multiple destinations and it will take of the rest. Some services here support ads and some of them don’t. You have to choose the services from this post based on what kind of A/B test you want to carry out.

How to Split Traffic Between Multiple URLs for A B Testing

2 Free URL Shortener with A/B Split Testing:


Free URL Shortener with AB Split Testing

URLways is a very nice link shortening service which you can use to create a free short link with public analytics. If you want to save the link you have created then you can even sign up for an account as well. Here it supports various modes to create a short link and A/B split testing is one of them. To create that kind of link, you just have to specify multiple destination URLs and traffic percentage for the split. Next, you just copy it and then you can simply share that with anyone you want easily. The website is simple and apart from A/B test URLs, you can use it to create other type of URLs such as for YouTube and Telegram channels.

In the free plan, of the URLways, you get to see the ads on the redirecting page. it waits for 5 seconds and then redirect it to the destination. If you are play with this fact then you can start using it right away. Just reach its homepage and to the links constructor interface. In type, choose AB test and then specify the long URL along with the traffic split rate. Next, you hit the “+” button and then specify another URL with traffic percentage. In the end, you get the final link from above and share that with anyone that you like. You can track number of links on your URL from the same interface and if you want ts ave this data then you can register for an account on the website.


linksplit specify destination URL with traffic percentage

LinkSplit is another link shortener that you can use for A/B split testing. Here it works just the website I have mentioned here. But here it comes with much simple and straightforward interface. In the free plan, the link you crate with this can have 2500 clicks per month. After that, you can simply create a link and share that with anyone that you like. It only take the destination URLs as an input along with the traffic to be split among them. You can specify many destination URLs and get the final short link. The destinations will be served to the end users based on the traffic percentage you have specified for the splitting part.

Here you don’t really have to create an account to get started with this. You just go to the website homepage and start defining the destination URLs. You can dd URLs as you want and it will divide the traffic among them equally. But if you want different proportions for the traffic to be split then you can specify that manually. In the end, you can just get the link and then share that with user or use it on your website. If you want to track clicks on this URL, simply register for a free account. More details about this services can be found here.


Final thoughts

These are the only free URL shortener services I could find which come with the A/B split testing feature. Use these to create short link for any number of given destination URLs an distribute traffic among them. based on the amount of traffic distributes, they will redirect to the destination. There are some other features in them that you will like to use. So, if you are looking for a free URL shortener services with A/B split testing then use any one that I have mentioned here. Both of them have a decent free plan but it depends on you which one you want to use for long term.

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