5 Free Calorie Counter Websites

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Here are 5 free calorie counter websites.

Consumption of calories in an excessive amount is not good for health and same is the case in having calories in less amount. You must have a balanced diet for a fit, active and healthy body. For this task, these websites will come in handy.

All these websites are good to calculate the amount of calories available in a particular food item. Along with this, you can also get the nutritional information (fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc.) for any food item. So you will have all the details about the food you are having in your daily diet. You can also maintain your diet, gain fat, lose weight by changing the food items after seeing the amount of calories present in a particular food item.

Let’s start with the first free calorie counter website in this list.

Free Online Calorie Counter (Homepage)

FitWatch's free online calorie counter

Free Online Calorie Counter is a separate section available on FitWatch website. It takes the help of FitWatch and USDA‘s food database to let you search for foods and find the total amount of calories in a particular food item. Not only just calories, it gives detailed information about nutrients in a particular food.

For example, you can find out total fat, cholesterol, protein, vitamins, iron, sodium, and other constituents of any food item. So really a good information related to nutrients and calories is available under this section. There are also many user entries related to food details that might not be accurate, but still it’s a very good platform to know the calories available in a food item. You can use this section of FitWatch website without sign up. However, you can also sign up for free to set your calorie goal, track calories, and other features.


Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

Spelt interface

Spelt (or Spe.lt) is my favourite calorie counter website in this list, because of its simplicity. You can check calories present in a food item in real-time. That means, as soon as you type keywords to search for a food, suggestion will be in front of you with the total amount of calories.

Apart from this, it also shows protein, fat and carbohydrates percentage present in any food item. A beautiful bar chart is also plotted automatically to view this information. You can search for any food item and add those items to a list. You can use that list as your daily diet. In that list, you can see the total number of calories, protein, fat and carbs available in food items selected by you. Read full review of Spelt.

A Calorie Counter

A Calorie Counter

A Calorie Counter is another great free calorie counter website in this list. It also takes the help of USDA database to search for any food item and details related to that particular item. You need to enter the food name and it gives suggestions to check out the calories and nutrients present in that item.

You don’t have to sign up to find the calories and other information for a food item, but if you have to make a diet plan, add a food item to your plan, set you daily nutrition goals, then you have to create a free account. Actually, it’s good to sign up as you can easily track your calories consumption and remain fit.


CalorieKing- interface

CalorieKing website contains Foods category in which you can find calories present in a particular food item. The feature that makes it better than other websites in this list is that you can compare foods for calories. You can do the side by side comparison and then replace your current food item with the ones that contain lesser calories.

The search result gives detailed information about the food item. You will come to know about the total fat, calories, protein, calcium, potassium, cholesterol, and other nutritional facts for any food item. This is definitely a good choice and comes with my recommendation.

Calorie Counter (Homepage)

Calorie Counter

This website also fulfills the task of counting the total amount of calories in food items very well. Its database contains over 250,000 food items. So you will be able to find nutrition information about almost any food item. Search result shows grade of a food item, calories, and nutrition facts (total fat, carbs, vitamins, etc.).

A beautiful pie chart also shows the calories and nutrients in the searched food item. You can also download and use its apps available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and iPad. So this calorie counter website is a good competitor to rest of the websites in this list.

We have also reviewed 5 calorie counter software for you.


We all love healthy and fit body, isn’t it? And these free calorie counter websites can help us to maintain our diet and have an active body. All are good websites to count calories, but still first and Spe.lt are my favorite websites in this list. You can use any of these websites to keep track of your calories consumption. And of course, don’t forget to do workout to have a fit body.

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