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QRreader Beta is a free Online QR code reader extension for Google Chrome. This QR code reader extension allows you to read QR code by right clicking on it in the browser window. This QR code reader basically allows you to read QR codes for text or links.

Its really easy to use. All you need to do is right click the mouse on any QR code image. The right click menu will open up, now showing an option to “Read QR code from image”. Select this option. Now wait for a while till the code gets scanned. If the QR code is in the form of a link, then this link will open in a new tab for reading. If the QR code is in the form of text, it will be shown in the prompt box. When you click ok on the prompt box the text will be copied on the clipboard.

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Please Note: This Chrome extension can read QR code that contains text or link.

ORreader Beta001

Some Key Features Of This QR Code Reader Extension

  • Easy to use.
  • Reads QR codes that contain text or link.
  • User-friendly Chrome extension.
  • Scan QR codes with a right click.

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How To install And Use This QR Code Reader Extension

  • Go on to the homepage of this QR code reader extension on Chrome webstore.
  • Click on “Add To Chrome” button.
  • Now click on install  button in the install confirmation window.
  • For using it, simply right click on a QR code and click on “Read QR code from image”.

QRreader Beta002

QRreader Beta is a QR code reader Chrome extension, which allows you to read QR codes right from your browser. Install this QR code reader for free.

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Works With: Google Chrome
Free/Paid: Free