How to Add Glassdoor Rating to Company Profiles on LinkedIn

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In this article, you will read about how to add the Glassdoor Rating to the Company Profiles on LinkedIn for better company prospects.

LinkedIn is the go-to website for various people around the globe to enter the world of professionalism and career-related aspects. This website provides a more professional approach to a company, given that the company profile is maintained thoroughly.

If this is the case, the company information update is a crucial process. There are many areas where the company information can either make a good reputation or break the impression in the world of business and professionalism. Information adds credibility, and another way you can add credibility to the company profile is by adding the Glassdoor rating to the company profile.

How to Add Glassdoor Rating to Company Profiles on LinkedIn

InDoors is a free chrome extension that can help you find reliable companies by checking their Glassdoor ratings in the LinkedIn profile. Glassdoor is an online platform where the employees, either currently working or former employees, review their company. This website allows the users to anonymously submit their reviews and ratings for a company that can be helpful for other websites.

Generally, LinkedIn displays company profiles that relate to either your LinkedIn connections or you recently viewed or searched for. Most of the time, these companies do not have authentic data by which you can rely on the company. For, you can add the Glassdoor rating in each of the company profile using InDoors Chrome Extension for finding better prospects.

You can find this extension by searching InDoors on the Chrome Web Store page, or by simply clicking here to visit the install extension page. Make sure you are logged in to your Chrome browser to add the extension easily. After you install the extension, there is nothing much to do.

InDoors Extension

Simply log in to your LinkedIn profile and click on Jobs if you straightaway want to review the companies. There, all the companies listed on the page will be shown along with their Glassdoor Rating in their tab.

Glassdoor ratings on LinkedIn

You can click on the rating to read further reviews by former or current employees on the Glassdoor website. Moreover, clicking on the rating will redirect you to the Glassdoor website and on the company’s page where you can read and learn all the pros and cons of the company.

InDoors chrome extension does not only work on the LinkedIn website, you can use this extension on other page searches as well when you are searching about a company. Simply, right-click on the extension in the search bar, and then click on the second option. You will find the option of switching the setting from “On” to “all sites”.

There you have it, a simple way to add Glassdoor ratings of the company in the LinkedIn profile.

In brief

InDoors is a simple and useful free Google Chrome Extension that can help you sort out the company’s profiles based on their Glassdoor ratings.

Try this Chrome Extension here.

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