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Jarte is a program that styles itself as a cut down free word processor based loosely on Microsoft’s often overlooked WordPad. Due to the cumbersome and expensive nature of Microsoft’s own Office suite, Jarte decided to set up this free alternative which provides all of the essential features without any of the extra frills that Microsoft provides with their program. This makes for a much more compact and speedy experience. This even scores over OpenOffice if you are just looking for a free word processor.

The user interface of Jarte is very different than most of the free word processors out in the market. It does takes a while to get used to, but the large buttons for the functions you will use regularly make it very easy to at least get started with basic file editing. Once you have got over the differences from the norm, you realise how much easier the word processing experience is with a simpler set up.

The simple interface of Jarte.

Usefully, you can open files from other word processors in Jarte, which limits compatibility issues and also you can import dictionaries from other word processors to run alongside Jarte’s. This is very useful as it allows you to move custom words that you use often into the dictionary so that the minimum problems are encountered.

As well as the fact it runs quickly in general, the free word processor can be opened directly from a USB memory stick, which means that you can continue to use Jarte in order to edit your files whilst away from your computer. This is very useful and means that you can always use this word processor and so don’t have to use other programs that have radically different interfaces.

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In summary, Jarte is a free word processor that can be used by anyone, from personal users to businesses looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Word. It sacrifices all of the frills and extra features in order to give the user the best experience they can of basic editing and the fastest speed possible.

This makes it the perfect free word processor for any casual user. Other no frills word processor that can you can try is AbiWord.

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