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Tackk is a free website to quickly create a webpage that can have images, videos, music, text.

Tackks are basically combination of various contents that can be images, videos, music, text, and any other files. This free website offers you variety of canvas that you can choose to create page for events, occasions, promoting or advertising products, or just for fun. It offers you multiple categories which you can choose to create an attractive page.

This free content creating and sharing website offers editor that can be used to customize colors, fonts, and patterns. In addition, it offers you various options that you can use to customize your display preference (public or private). You can assign a password for an extra security, if you choose to keep your page private. You can also add background image to your Tackk. Against each content, it provide you gear icon, that you can use to custom set font, font size, color, image size, etc. depending on the type of content you wish to edit or modify.

Tackk- ilfs Tackk

The best part of this content creating website is that, it lets you share your content on various social networks or via email. It also generates unique URL that you can share with your friends with ease.

To create a Tackk, you don’t even need to sign-up with the website. However, Tackks created without sign-up get deleted after 7 days. So, if you want to create a Tackk longer, you will need to register with this website, which is completely free.

How To Create Content And Share Them Using Tackk?

Tackk is an attractive content creating and sharing website. You can go to its homepage from the link that I have given at the end of this article. The homepage shows a basic template to quickly get you started.

Tackk-homepage with basic themed canvas

In case, you don’t like the basic theme, you can click on the Create button to choose the type of canvas on which you wish to create your content. As I am new to Tackk, I chose to go with the basic themed canvas.

You can then assign a title to your Tackk and add a subtitle below. Then you can scroll down to add any image from your computer, Instagram, or via URL. Not only that, it also supports 500px and Giphy, from where you can import an an image.

Tackk-add photo

As it supports variety of popular image formats, you can upload any type of image to make your content look impressive.

Then using the gear icon located against text, you can customize the settings of the text and the image. You can adjust the alignment, font, or size of the text. Similarly, you can change the image or opt to edit, if you wish to add link or caption to your image. You can use dragging tool to drag the content to any location, within the Tackk.

Tackk-settings options, add content

You can click on the Plus button located to the bottom left side of the interface, to add any type of content to your Tackk. This can be text, photo, video, audio, map, button, form, and many more.

Tackk-add stuff or content

The variety of contents that you can have in your page is quite fascinating. The fact that you can embed a map also ensures you can easily use it to create a page for an event and provide address for it (in case you are not using a free event management website).

To customize further, you can access the Editor Panel, were it offers you color options, Fonts, and Patterns, from which you can choose the desired one to make your Tackk look attractive and impressive.


In addition, it provides you Tackk options, that you can use to publicize or personalize your creation. You can also password protect your Tackk. Not only that, you can also customize your URL, so as to make it easy to remember.

Once you’re done, you can click on Finish & Share button. You can then share your Tackk on multiple social networking sites, like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit, and many more. You can also copy the permanent URL and opt to share via email.

Tackk-Finish and Share

This way you can create as many Tackks as you wish. Click here to view the Tackk that I created.

Features Of This Free Content Creating and Sharing Website:

  • Lets you create multiple Tackks without any restriction.
  • Lets you add as many contents as you want.
  • Add Photo from your computer, Instagram, or via URL. It also supports 500px and Giphy.
  • Add Videos by entering the respective URL, it supports more than 130 video services.
  • Add Text either by typing or by copy-pasting.
  • Add Audio by entering the URL, as it supports more than 20 audio services.
  • Add Button lets you add button and customize the name of the same, by entering the URL, where you want your button to go.
  • Add Map of any address, and the zoom adjustments will be saved automatically.
  • Add Money lets you sell your stuff. You can add name of the item, price, and quantity. It also lets you accept donations.
  • You can also add form, for contact.

My Verdict About Tackk:

Tackk is a website that lets you quickly setup a webpage. The website is very intuitive to use and you can easily create a page and add all type of contents to it, without worrying about knowing any programming etc. Its ability to add variety of contents is surely impressive.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and setup a page for your birthday, party, or anything else using Tackk.

Try Tackk here.

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