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Giphy is a free web service where you can find thousands of free animated GIFs. It has a large database that stores the web’s greatest GIfs and allows you to download them for free.

Giphy features a simple interface listing various popular hash-tags (associated with popular GIFs) and a generous search bar on the top. You can click on any of these tags or look for the GIF of your choice by typing its name in the search bar. Once you open a tag, Giphy will display the animated GIF along with its source, size, and number of frames. You can either save the GIF to your local drive or share it on Twitter or Facebook. Or if you want to browse for more GIFs, you can simply click on the suggested tags displayed below the GIF for matching results.

giphy interface

Search Animated GIFs, Download as many as you want from Giphy:

Giphy can be accessed using the link given at the end of this article. Once you reach there, you can view popular tags or start searching for the desired GIFs using custom tags like “happy” or “sad”. Giphy also displays typing suggestions to speed up your search, and quickly pulls out a wide collection of GIFs based on the searched term; thanks to its massive database!

And when you hover mouse on any GIF from the displayed results, Giphy shows a tiny preview of its animation right there on the app interface.

giphy interface 01

After clicking on a GIF, you will be taken to a new page displaying the GIF in particular. There you can see the animated GIF in window view, on full screen, or on tiled screen. Plus, you can share the animated GIF right from there, or search for more GIFs using the suggested tags (or simply click on the “Close” button to go back to Giphy homepage).

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Key Features of Giphy:

  • Free web service to search animated GIF.
  • Allows downloading animated GIFs for free.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Massive database of GIFs.
  • Displays GIFs on popular and trading topics.
  • Use for hash tags to search GIFs.
  • Auto-play GIF in search results on mouse hover.
  • Source most of the GIFs from Tumblr.
  • Displays image size and number of frames associated with each opened GIF.
  • Easy to use.   

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The Final Verdict:

Giphy is for no doubt, a nice search engine for web’s greatest GIF images. However, because of the fact that it sources most of the GIFs from Tumblr and associate matching tags to them, it doesn’t always bring out the exact results you are looking for. However, the site it quite young and since it has grown so much in popularity in so less time, there’s a huge scope for improvement. Try it out and share your views via comments.

Click here to check out Giphy!

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