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Notifia lets you show smart notifications to users on your site to increase sales. With this, you can create custom popup notifications for your websites to show promotional offers, lead generation, feedback forms, etc. Also, you can opt to show other kind of stuff there such as showing notification popup about other activities on the site. You can use it on any website and run your campaign. To make it work, you just have to add a simple script on your website. And you can also use it to show trigger based notifications as well.

This service lets you specify when you want to show notification popup to a user. You can opt to show the notifications when a user has scrolled certain length of web page or when a user has spent specified amount of time on your website. It gives you a visual notification builder that you can fully customize. It lets you specify at what position of the website you want to show the notification, specify a target URL in the popup, and some other things.

Website push notifications are there that you can use to custom notification to your users. But the problem is that they will only see them if they have allowed them. But this is not the case with popup notification as they can’t avoid them. And with this help of these, you can capture leads and keep user stay on the website. With this, you have better chances of converting a visitor into a customer without having to deal with PPC and other campaigns. You can throw promotion offers, coupons codes, and any other offers in exchange of user’s email addresses or any other contact information.

Show Smart Website Notifications to Users

Using Notifia to Show Smart Website Notifications to Users to Increase Sales:

Notifia can be used on almost any kind of website. No matter if you are running a WordPress or static site, you can easily embed the scripts it gives you. So, just create a free account on its homepage and it will give you a code. And you have to add that code in the head section of the website. If your website is hosted using WordPress then you can use Insert Header and Footer plugin to do it. After creating our account, on the dashboard, you can create a campaign.

notifia add code and create campaign

There are different tools that it gives you and you can use the one that suits your needs. In my case, I will be using the “Notification Bar” module of this website notifications service to display notification bar to make a user sign up for something. But you are free to use other type of notifications as well. You just enable them and then include them in our campaign.

Notifia kit

After choosing a notification module, it’s time to design it. Click on the gear icon on the module you have added in your campaign. After that, it will open a visual editor to build the notifications. You can opt to put the notification bar anywhere on your site. Specify the text and heading and bind a URL to the submit button.

notifia desingn notification bar

In the bottom, you now have to specify some actions when you want the notification bar to appear. There are some options there that you can choose and then easily apply. Finally, save the design and then enable the campaign. Your site visitors will now start seeing whatever notification bar you have designed for them.

Notifia specify a trigger

In this way, you can use this simple website notification service. You can show any type of notification to your visitors anytime you want. All you have to do is design a notification bar or any other type of popup notifications that it supports. You can stop the campaign whenever you want to save the notifications quota. If you have an e-commerce website then this will be very useful tool that you can use.

Final thoughts

Notifia is a very good tool for websites that you can use to increase sales without investing so much in PPC and other campaigns. You can generate leads, add call to action, display a custom notification, and do many other things. According to me, it is awesome for e-commerce websites and digital marketing agencies. If you think the free plan of Notifia is enough for you then you are good to go. And if you requires more number of notifications then you can subscribe to any paid plan.

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