3 Free Push Notification Services to send Notifications to multiple platforms

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This post covers some free push notification services to send notifications to multiple platforms. Here these services give some number of notifications that you can push to any platform from one managed dashboard. You can send push notifications to your subscribers anytime you want. These services offer different ways to integrate them in the applications and then you can start sending notifications. Here these websites let you design the notification balloon to push that. You can push notifications immediately or you can opt to send them at a later time. There are some other features in these services that I will talk about in the context of each one of them.

Push notifications are very useful if you are running an e-commerce like business. To get more users on your site, you can ask them to subscribe to the notifications. And once they subscribe, you can start sending the updates. With these services you can create different campaigns and then run them at the specified time. You can send the notifications to your users about offers, updates, coupon codes, and some other informational messages. And no matter on what platform your users are, you will be able to send notifications to all of them.

3 Free Push Notification Services to send Notifications to multiple platforms

3 Free Push Notification Services to send Notifications to multiple platforms:


TruPush in action

TruPush is a free push notifications service which you can use. It lets you quickly send notifications to your subscribers via browser, RSS or any other configured methods. You just have to configure an app here. You can use this services in your Android, iOS, and web applications. To add it in your websites,you just have to add simple code in the webpages and then start sending notifications. it will list all the subscribers and you can analyze the platform and different browsers that are using. However, currently, you can cannot export the list of subscribers from the web interface of this website.

You have to sign up for a free account for this service to use it. After signing up, you have to configure an application. If you have a website then it will give you a code that you can add in footer section of the website. If you have a WordPress site then you can do that with the help of WP plugins such as Insert Headers and Footers. This plugin allows you efficiently embed code snippets in webpages.

TruePush code integration

After you have added the code. Simply let your users subscribe to the notifications. You can see the list of all the subscribers on the main interface of the website. And then you can create a campaign and then simply start sending the notifications. You can design the notification template and get it ready to send to all or the selected subscribers. You can also opt to send the push notifications at a later time as well by scheduling it.


OneSignal free push notification service

OneSignal is a kinda popular push notification services out there that you can use. In the free plan, it lets you send 30000 push notifications to your subscribers. You can create push notifications for all platforms and then send them whenever you want. You can either send notifications to all your subscribers immediately or at a scheduled time. Here it lets you integrate itself on different platforms and you can also explore the reports section to analyze the insights of the different campaigns for which you created the push notifications.

Simply sign up for the free account and then simply start with the configuration process. If you want to embed this in your website then you can easily do that. Create the app in OneSignal and enter URL of your website. After that, simply design the notifications template. And to add the push notification functionality to your website, you can add the code snippet that it gives you in the head section of your site.

OneSignal Code

Now, after you have integrated this in your web applications, you can start sending the notifications. From the main interface, create the notification text and specify other details. You can add a specific icon in the notification box. And not only this, but you can see the preview of the notifications as well. In the end, simply send the notification to anyone you want in one click. Later you can explore the reports about the push notification results and analyze them.


PushCrew in action

PushCrew is another free push notification service that you may try. It is a simple service with a limited free plan that is good for lite usage. In the free plan, it lets you send notifications to 2000 subscribers. Here you can easily create push notifications and then simply send them in just one click. It allows you to send the  notifications immediately or you can schedule them to send them automatically at the specified time. To send notifications, you just have to configure some notification parameters. Also, on the main dashboard, you can analyze the result of the campaigns and the notifications that you send using this service.

Simply, sign up for this service and then simply add your website in it. After that, from the dashboard, add your website to add the push notification functionality. It will give you a code that you have to add in the head section of your website. The process of doing that is very similar to what I have explained in case of above websites. After adding the code, your website will start asking users to allow the notifications. And if they allow it then they will be added in your subscribers list.

PushCrew website code for integration

Now, after configuring your website, you can simply create the notification message. Add title, message or links like details in the notification balloon. Also, you can choose the different format of the notifications as well. After that, just send it immediately or send it automatically after a scheduled time. You can see the response of the notifications and analyze the behavior of your subscribers. Also, you can test the notifications at different times in a day to analyze when you are getting maximum number of hits.

Final thoughts

These are the best free push notification services out there that you can use with ease. Just configure them for any platform and send them at any time you want. In some them, there are some other features as well that you will like. All the services that I have listed here offer a fair free plan that you can use. However, if you need more notifications per month then you can upgrade to any paid plan of these services as well. So, if you are looking for some free push notification services then this post will be really helpful.

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