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It’s fundamentally essential to follow the rules of grammar in order for anything spoken or written to make proper sense. And this is true not just for English, but for every language out there. With that being said, English is undeniably the most widely used language out there, especially when it comes to digital textual content (e.g. blog posts, news articles) published online. Now, there are a variety of tools and utilities that let you check the correctness of already written text, but what if you could check the stuff you’re writing on your computer, in real-time? That’d be great, right?

Turns out you can, that to Orwell. A fantastic online text editor with real-time grammar check, Orwell keeps a continuous check on the text you’re typing, and alerts you of everything from grammatical errors, to sentence structure mistakes. The errors are color-coded, and Orwell suggests corrections as well. Then there are goodies like markdown formatting support, document stats, and the ability to email your text in one click. Sounds dope, right? Read past the jump, it surely is.


How To Use This Online Text Editor With Real-Time Grammar Check?

Step 1: Getting things rolling with Orwell is a non-issue. There are no sign-ups, accounts, or anything else like that required. Simply head over to the homepage, and get to business. Here’s how Orwell’s web UI looks like:

orwell ui

Pretty lean, don’t you think? As evinced by the above screenshot, Orwell’s interface can be roughly considered to be divided into three vertical panes. The left pane consists of buttons to toggle between different modes (writing, editing, and preview), as well as to send the text via email. The big middle pane is where all the action takes place, and is used for composing the text. Finally, the right pane lists detailed properties, such as readability score, correctness grade, as well as the document statistics (number of paragraphs, words, approximate reading time etc.). The suggestions for the errors are also shown in this pane.

Step 2: This one’s simple. Choose the Edit mode from the left, and start composing the textual content. As you do that, Orwell will keep checking the text in real-time, highlighting different kinds of errors (grammatical, sentence structure etc.) in different colors. To find out more about a highlighted erroneous word/text fragment, simply hover your mouse pointer over it, and a tool-tip will let you know of the same. The suggestions to the errors are listed in the right pane. As you make the corrections, the results will be updated in the right pane accordingly. Once you’ve perfected everything and gotten rid of all the errors, you can copy this text anywhere, and even email it via the option in the left pane. Take a look at the screenshot below:

orwell in action

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Wrapping Things Up

Orwell is a powerful online text editor that not only lets you write distraction free, but also better. It’s simple, and works surprisingly well for what it is. Try it out, you’ll be surely glad you did.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 4.7]
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