List of Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy at Home

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Dad I’m so bored is a free website which gives you a list of fun activities to keep kids busy while they are stuck at home during this time. Due to this COVID-19 situation everyone is stuck at home and the it is most difficult for kids. As they are full of energy and it is your job to keep their minds occupied so that they can utilize their energy in a constructive way.

This website lists some great resource for kids to use. The resources listed include educational online classes, educational videos, read stories online, listen to audible stories, arts & crafts videos, programming tutorials, etc. You can surely find something of interest for each kid in here. Let’s explore this website and fun activities it has.

When you open this website you will see a page like the one shown in the screenshot above. The website is pretty much one page, and it lists all the resources category wise on the page.

The fun part in the header of the website page is, when you take your mouse in the header area and move it around the geek smiley emoticon will come and every time you move your mouse around there will be a trail of this emoticon behind the mouse pointer. Kids would find this pretty entertaining as well.

The categories you will see are learn, read, explore, arts & crafts, programming, build a website, entertainment, and get moving. You can visit the category of choice and start exploring.

As soon as you press a link under a category you will be taken to the respective website. Like if you click on PBS Kids under entertainment section then you will be taken to the entertainment section of PBS Kids website which contains games and fun video. This can be seen in the screenshot above.

Similarly, when you click on any website link, you will be taken to the respective website. From that particular website you can explore the activity you want to perform.

In the get moving section, there are some activities listed for the kids to perform. Much like exercising, you will see activities like push ups, burpees, jumping jacks, etc. These exercises will be fun for kids to do and will also utilize some of the energy they have.


Dad I’m So bored is a nice website which offers you various resources to keep kids busy while they are stuck at home nowadays due to the Corona situation. The website lists some very good websites which kids can visit to do activities, watch videos, play games, or learn new things. Do give this website a try if you have kids at home and find it difficult to keep them occupied.

Check out Dad I’m So Bored here.

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