Get Story Ideas for Kids with these Free Story Maker Websites

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In this blog post, you will read about how to get story ideas for kids with free story maker websites. It is the simplest way to create stories. The website provides you multiple categories such as short story, story ideas, fairytale, movie script, writing prompts, etc. You can choose the category and fill the required details. The story generator prompts you to write custom keywords and provide you a story.

All the websites that I’m going to cover work differently. The first one provides you a form where you can answer some interesting questions in order to create a story. The second one lets you create funny stories. The third website provides multiple stories and the last one lets you generate stories by playing an adventure game. This is a fun way to get story ideas.

Let’s go through these story maker websites to get story ideas for kids.

1. Smokey Bear

Story ideas for kids

Smokey Bear is a good website to get story ideas for kids. The site is specifically designed for kids. it reveals several chapters related to Wildland fire, prevention, campfire rules, element resources, etc.

Besides instructing students, the site teaches you how to make stories. For that, you can go to the section called Story Maker. It is very simple to create a story. All you need to answer a few questions. There are almost 25 questions which you have to answer. All the questions are fun to answer such as your birthday, favorite food, favorite, sports, teacher’s name, outdoor activity, best friends’ name, etc.

The form has other interesting questions, e.g., name something that smells awful, the sound that you make when you get scared, etc. After entering all the answers, you can click on Create Story located at the bottom. Thereafter, you will see how beautifully the story creates. It makes the story of three paragraphs that consists of all those words which you answer of questions. In this way, you can make stories by filling different type of answers.

2. Funny Random Story Generator

Story ideas for kids

Funny Random Story Generator is a simple website to get story idea for kids. The site lets you make funny stories with random words.

When you open the website, it shows an interface to create a story. It displays questions such as your first friend and second friend with their genders, magic item, fairy name, event and your name. Then, you can click on the button titled Create your story. Then you have to click on the arrow to go next. The story has drawing and reflects the meaning of your words.

Though the site provides you random words. But you can remove and type your words. This is how kids can get ideas to make a simple short story. You can make unlimited stories and can view it in Your story section.

3. Plot Generator

Story ideas for kids

Plot Generator is one of the good options to get story ideas for kids. The site lets to perform many tasks. You can create Poems, e.g., Haiku, Limerick, and others. Besides that, you can generate story ideas for kids by using this website as a plot generator.

When you open the website, it shows you different options such as Short story, story ideas, fairytale, movie script, writing prompts, meme, twist, opening line, etc.

You can get story ideas from any of the aforementioned categories. If you go for story ideas section, it quickly makes your task easy. All you need to ask to mention how many ideas you want to get, i.e., 5,8,10. Also, you can mention what type of story ending you want, e.g., happy, sad, twist, or any type. After that, click the on the button titled write me a list of story ideas.

The site generates the stories according to the number you have mentioned. It is a great option for kids as they can look at the numerous stories and practice.

If you want to create a plot generator then you can go for that. It prompts you to mention custom keywords and provides you a short story.

4. Scholastic

Story ideas for kids

Scholastic is an educational website where you can get story ideas for kids. Teachers and parents can use this online platform to teach children or students.

To write short stories, you can go to the teacher’s section. There you can find a category called story starters. At this point, children can make a short story by playing an adventure game. Firstly, you have to write your name. Then, kids can choose their Grade from K-1st to 6th and click on Start.

Then, you will see a ship deck where a board with four columns is placed. Each column has a button to spin the wheel. You can manually find words or click the main spin button to get random ideas for stories. Consequently, you will see a story is made up now. This is how kids can make multiple short stories in playing manner.

In brief

Children usually read stories in books but when it comes to creating a story they don’t get proper ideas. With the help of above-mentioned websites, kids can make a story just by answering fun loving questions. This can raise interest in children. So try these websites and get story ideas for kids.

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